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Young Lions CZ 2023 | MARKETERS 01 - 3rd PLACE

  2. 2 Transfer of practical know-how in the field of child psychiatry basically does not take place Medical students have limited access to practice Around 50% of the necessary number of psychiatrists for children and adolescents are missing Waiting time for children and their parents to see a specialist is 6+ months Yearly, there are only 7 new child psychiatrist There are 70 000 child patients SOURCES:
  3. 3 Brand attributes: • Women oriented • Harmony and peace • Hope • Beauty • Love • Trust • Purity • Body positivity • Positive and aspirational thinking and influencing ALL THESE ATTRIBUTES ARE PERFECTLY MATCHED WITH A FUTURE CHILD PSYCHIATRIST Woman Medical university student High EQ and strong empathy Caring and patient Building trust and strong relationships CONNECTION BETWEEN BRAND AND PROFFESIONALS
  4. 4 • WHITE DOVE is a prestige status • Be the HERO who can really change the future of people and have a positive impact for children life • Website – studying and working opportunities • Availability of work opportunities, workshops & lessons with healed people & doctors, conferences and news • Space for connection among medical students & parents of children/adolescents in needs to discuss their issues • Workshops, conferences and lessons • Credits, work experience • Education and practice investments • ATL & BTL communication • TV, media space, digital, influencers • instore visibility, secondary exposures, special product components etc. • Hack talk shows and space main TV programs and Czech movies/soap operas • Ulice, Show Jana Krause, shows in prime time • Workshops & talks for people and burring the stigma of embarrassment ATTRACTING THE NEW WHITE DOVES SPREADING AWARENESS
  5. 5 WHITE color: • Connection with the medical environment • Means purity, beauty, harmony & love DOVE symbol: • Connection with the peace • Means purity, harmony, light of the soul, hope Two DOVES • Connection • May evocate wings → HERO
  6. 6 Dove continuously supports conferences & communication behind the project Expected individual responsibility of each WHITE DOVE Professional WHITE DOVES influence medicine students & have social impact Continuous improvement of situation DOVE continuously supports WHITE DOVES The aim of project WHITE DOVES is to spread the wings and fly
  7. 7 How to become a White dove? What is White Dove about? A platform for child psychiatrists Workshops & lessons WHITE DOVES • Online platform brings together people from the industry, offers info and possible work opportunities • Education and practice investments • Prestige White Dove Status – unique perception in society, smth like Michelin star in food segment SOCIETY: • Increasing overall awareness of mental health issues • Paying tribute to psychiatrists • Activate new products components f.e. „label reacting to temperature change“ when showering
  8. 8 • Create a powerful symbol of WHITE DOVES that enables self-developing environment • Spread awareness among the public about the importance of child psychiatric treatment & lack of doctors STRATEGIC APPROACHES KEY STEPS TO SUCCESS EXECUTION RESULTS • Established, powerful and love-brand • Prestige White Doves status • Impact on children life • Education of the wider public • Creating a platform, that brings together people from the industry and offers opportunities for development • Prestige White Doves status • Education and practice investments • Increased number of WHITE DOVES • Self-developing environment • Awareness of the mental health issues