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Homilychart in Malaysia

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Homily Software is a company focusing on investment software used in financial market. It offers international and comprehensive financial service to more than 100,000 top-quality clients. Its business covers the development of financial tools, the investment research and training, the release of investment publication, etc. Homily Software has covered dozens of medium and large cities around the world.
contact:+6 0122697260

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Homilychart in Malaysia

  1. 1. 弘历软件欢迎您! www.homilychart.com
  2. 2. 是一个16年的工具,经历了牛熊市验证, 是一个具备全球规模的股票培训学校, 不是一个简单的股票软件, 更是一种面对股市,面对投资者的诚信 态度, 教会投资者树立正确的投资理念,运用 最先进的分析工具,掌握最实战的技巧 和方法,保持好的心态,follow 市场 进行投资。 What is Homily ? • A Powerful and Systematical Analysis & Decision-making Software for 16 years old • A Multilevel & Omnibearing Remote Stock Market Education System with 16 Years Experiences • Professional Stock Knowledge Training & Regular Conversation Club
  3. 3. •Index, First; Stock, Next. •Long-term, First; Short-term, Next. •Operate the Familiar. Homily Investment Philosophy
  4. 4. Multicolor Dragon • Multicolor Dragon is an indicator which combines with the volume , price , time and space , is developed by the principle which transfers the strength of the long and the short. It vividly shows the status of main operations and how banker shakes out the locked chips . It can also show the high or low pressure of locked chips and the transitional process of short-term fund and long-term fund, etc. • MCD Tactics 6 (10 Tactics all ) 4/15/2015
  5. 5. 2009年登陆新加坡, 2013年获得新加坡企业大奖 SINGAPORE ENTREPRENUERS AWARD In 2013 2013年登陆马来西亚, 2014年获得亚洲顶级企业大奖 ASIA TOP OUTSTANDING ENTERPRISE In 2014 企 业 殊 荣
  6. 6. 国 际 潮 流 亚 洲 独 有 一 旦 拥 有 别 无 他 求 亚洲首款盘前分析决策系统 Fisrt Asia Pre-decision System
  7. 7. 特色功能展示 Homily Indictors Show
  8. 8. 红色柱子---Profitable Chips (Bankers) 赚钱效益明显---Make more profits 多空王+六彩神龙:庄家控盘,放心hold住强势股 红色带子---中期持股 Red Band---Hold for Medium term
  9. 9. Buy Buy Hold Sell Keep Cash Green---Stuck Retailers Lose Money Red+Yellow---Big Money+Hot Money Make Profits 趋势王+六彩神龙:炒家在,成功波段操作活跃股
  10. 10. 实战心得Experiences
  11. 11. 股市是一个用钱换经验,用经验换钱的地方。 Market is a placewhere we can change money into experiences,Then change our successful experiences into money.
  12. 12. 知识+工具+心态=成功 Knowledge+Tool+Mindset=Success
  13. 13. Homily的价值 Value
  14. 14. 我们的服务 最新版本的Homily Software (全球唯一的二元技术分析法的软件) 系统的初,中,高级股票知识培训课程 (终身免费授课,直到你学识为止!) 赠送亚洲唯一一款实名制的交流学习平台 (软件实战与技术分析为一体综合教学) 免费的软件安装,安检,升级服务 免费的软件使用培训(含face to face教学)
  15. 15. Your Friend : Maggie Lee Contact : Maggieliying888@gmail.com Website: www.xiaoyinginvest.com Hot Line(Kuala Lumpur) : +6 012 269 7260