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Presentation social network

  1. 1. PLE
  2. 2. Social network  Social networks are websites that allow people to connect with friends and even make new friends, virtually, and share content, interact, create communities of similar interests: working, reading, games, friendship, relationships, relationships commercial, etc.
  3. 3. Facebook  Facebook is a social network best known worldwide for its users. in this network you can learn many things like interact with your friends or family, you can also learn to write and read are very important networks can make comments or send documents desert theme.
  4. 4. Twitter  twitter is a social network is a very popular and well known network like Facebook you can comment on news or topic can also learn and write without grammatical errors.
  5. 5. Google Google is a device software is related technologic that lets you use the Internet , you can find information and to facilitate teaching tool such as dictionaries ,book datasheets you wed in them can facilitate learning.
  6. 6.  of these the most popular social networks are facebook, twitter, yahoo, blogger and slideshare.
  7. 7.  Today technology is used throughout the work sites or the entire study and many faculty is easier for others it is more difficult to learn new things.