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Russian Federation: As Seen In Russia!

  1. Russian Federation AS SEEN IN RUSSIA!
  3. Jokes and Stereotypes 3 What do you know about Russia?
  4. Russian Federation 4
  5. Russia: Flag and Coat of Arms 5
  6. Zelenograd: Flag Tells You a Story 6
  7. 7 Unofficial Symbols • Architecture: Moscow Kremlin, Saint Basil's Cathedral • Symbol: Mother Motherland statue (‘Mother Russia’ at the West) • Mascot: Matryoshka doll, Cheburashka, Bear Misha • Plant: Chamomile, Birch tree • Animal: Russian bear
  8. 8 11,5 % (1/9) of the total land of the Earth It is bigger than former planet Pluto 85 federal subjects 9 time zones Currency: Rouble (1$=36RUB) 18 Neighbor countries
  9. 9 USSR-Russia History
  10. 10 Population 143,5 mln Moscow 11,5 mln (World’s Top-10)
  11. Russia vs Japan 11
  12. 12 Russia vs Bangladesh
  13. 13 If Moscow was a country... …it would be bigger than 170 (out of 243) countries, e.g. Moscow 11,5 mln Greece 10,8 mln Israel 8,1 mln Denmark 5,6 mln Finland 5,4 mln Panama 3,4 mln
  14. 14 Weather Coldest city (in the World) Verkhoyansk Warmest city (in Russia) Sochi -90°F 103°F
  15. Alphabet: 33 letters 15
  16. 16 Russian Cursive
  18. Everyday life 18
  19. Typical Russian Village 27% of people live in rural area 19
  20. Dacha (Summer House) 20 Seasonal homes, are owned by the citizens, usually without regular waterelectricitygas supply, are not used for permanent residence, are visited during summer or weekends
  21. 21 Typical Russian City Residential Area Saint-PetersburgMoscow One of the most famous Russian movies “The Irony of Fate” is about the guy who got drunk on New Year’s eve, accidently took the wrong flight and ended up in another city, but did not notice the difference
  22. 22 Infrastructure Public transport, parking, playgrounds, schools, cinemas, shops, grocery stores, farmers markets, gyms – within walking distance
  23. Flats, Apartments Carpet on the wall, wallpapers, curtains, chandelier, home slippers, separate bathroom, balcony, chute23
  24. 24 Central Heating System
  25. Transportation System 25 Mini busTram Bus Trolley Subway Train
  26. Moscow Metro 26 • 12 lines, including circle line • 200 miles • 194 stations • 1,5 minute interval between trains during rush-hours
  27. Moscow Subway 27 44 stations are objects of cultural heritage
  28. Modern Moscow Metro Trains • Art • Literature, poetry • Historical events • Retro trains 28
  30. Typical Lunch (and Snack) 30 • Bread (white, black) • Salad • Soup • Meat (pork, beef, chicken, fish) with a side (buckwheat, potatoes, pasta) • Compote (Fruit drink) • Chai (Tea) with sweets • Open sandwich with sausage and cheese
  31. Food: Dairy Products • USA: Sour Cream, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese • Russia: Kefir, Riazhenka, Ayran, Kumys, Varenets, Prostokvasha + many types of Sour Cream, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese + variety of cheese 31
  32. Food: Meat Products • Salo (salted pork fat) • Herrings, Caviar • Variety of Sausages • Pates 32
  33. Food: Canned Products • Vegetables: Pickled tomatoes, Salted Cucumbers, Eggplant paste, Squash paste, Pickled mushrooms • Fish: Sprattuses, Sprats, Gobies, Sardines, Cod-liver, Caviar • Meat: Stew • Other: Boiled condensed milk 33
  34. Food: Other Products • Sunflower Oil, Pasta, Buckwheat, Sourdough Rye Bread, Horseradish • Sweets (Cream Cakes, PryanikTula Gingerbread, Candies, Chocolate Candies, Pastila, Zefir, FondantFudge, Cookies, Waffles, Halva), Tea 34
  35. Education differences 35 Russia USA Language Russian English Course choice None, According to the program Yes, Flexible Grading 2-5 (2-poor, 5-excellent) 0-100%; F-A (F-poor, A-excellent) Final exam 100% of final grade, More theory 30-40% of final grade, More practice Feedback None Yes
  36. Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014 36
  37. Moscow Summer Olympic Games 1980 37
  38. Krasnodarskij Kraj: Sochi 38 Cities located at the same latitude: Boston (USA), Toronto (Canada), Nice, Cannes (France), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Sapporo (Japan), Shenyang (China)
  39. 39
  40. Sochi pattern: The Olympic Patchwork Quilt 40 Official pattern was inspired by traditional folk craft from different parts of Russia
  41. 41
  42. 42
  43. Winter Olympics Torch Design 43
  44. Torch Relay Map 44
  45. 45
  46. 46
  47. 47
  48. 48
  49. 49
  50. 50
  51. 51
  52. 52
  53. 53
  54. 54
  55. 55 … and much more!
  56. 56
  57. Biathlon 57 Biathlon Skiing + Shooting
  58. Holidays and Customs 58
  59. Holidays New Year Christmas Old New Year Defender of Fatherland Day International Women’s Day Victory Day Maslenitsa Easter 59 January 1st + long vacation Biggest holiday in Russia. Families come together for the night feast, Ded Moroz and Snegurochka (Father the Frost and his granddaughter) leave presents to children under the Christmas tree
  60. Holidays 60 January 7th New Year Christmas Old New Year Defender of Fatherland Day International Women’s Day Victory Day Maslenitsa Easter Ortodox Christian Church celebrates Christmas on the Dec 25th of the older Julian calendar, which corresponds to Jan 7th in the modern Gregorian calendar
  61. 61 Holidays January 13th New Year Christmas Old New Year Defender of Fatherland Day International Women’s Day Victory Day Maslenitsa Easter It is ‘New Year’ according to the old calendar or just another reason to celebrate and to finish leftovers from the Jan 1st feast
  62. Holidays 62 February 23th New Year Christmas Old New Year Defender of Fatherland Day International Women’s Day Victory Day Maslenitsa Easter
  63. Holidays 63 March 8th New Year Christmas Old New Year Defender of Fatherland Day International Women’s Day Victory Day Maslenitsa Easter
  64. Holidays 64 May 9th New Year Christmas Old New Year Defender of Fatherland Day International Women’s Day Victory Day Maslenitsa Easter The day when World War II was over.
  65. Holidays 65 Last week before Great Lent New Year Christmas Old New Year Defender of Fatherland Day International Women’s Day Victory Day Maslenitsa Easter Holiday of spring, everybody eat round blini (represents sun) and burn the doll (symbolizes winter that should go away)
  66. Holidays 66 Varies: MarchApril New Year Christmas Old New Year Defender of Fatherland Day International Women’s Day Victory Day Maslenitsa Easter People cook Easter cake and color eggs, then take them to church to bless with holy water. No bunnies or chickens :)
  67. Try it in USA! 67
  68. Russian Grocery Stores Russian Table Online Store Tala Euro-Russian Market 5720 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27616 A&S International Market 688 Cary Towne Blvd, Cary, NC 27511 (! is moving across the street soon !) 68
  69. Recipes …Cabbage roll, Solyanka, Kotlety, Pirozhki, Syrniki… 69 Okroshka (cold soup) Borscht (hot soup) BliniBlinchiki Olivier salad Dressed herringFur coat
  70. Movies & Cartoons, Music Happy People: A Year in the Taiga (documentary film): (episode 1, spring) (episode 2, summer) (episode 3, autumn) (episode 4, winter) Mosfilm (collection of Russian movies and cartoons with subtitles): (subtitles are added manually by pressing “CC” button) Ivan Kupala (Russian folk band) (listen to the music in youtube player) Modern Russian Music (Russian music mix created by me) 70
  71. Sightseeing and Travel Destinations • Cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg • History and Culture: Golden Ring (old cities around Moscow) • Nature: Kamchatka, Baikal, Karelia, SochiGelendzhik 71
  72. СПАСИБО! Thank you!
  73. Random Facts • Answering “How are you?” honestly and fully • Not smiling at strangers • Calling all females “girl” • Dressing up to the store • Sitting down for a minute before heading up on a trip • Congratulating one another on getting out of a shower or sauna • Telling anecdotes as often as possible • Preparing way more food than is necessary for when friends come over • Making really long and complicated toasts • Sitting down at the table for a meal and staying there for hours • Constantly rewatching old Soviet cartoons and movies • Watching famous Cat circus and KVN student humor competition TV show 73

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. Today we will talk about Russia, but first I want to show you a short video***
  2. Russian flag meaning (white – sky, blue – water, red – beautiful\blood). Anthem is the same as in USSR, but with different lyrics.
  3. In first part I’ll talk about our country in general***About the country
  4. Russian flag meaning (white – sky, blue – water, red – beautiful\blood). Anthem is the same as in USSR, but with different lyrics.
  5. Zelenograd – story behind the flag (Circuit – ‘ Silicon valley of Russia’, Green - forests of ‘Green City’, Red – blood, world war II, Monument - closest point nazi came to Moscow, two stripes - rail road, highway)
  6. There are some symbols, that you’ll find in movies, as a souvenirs etc. I even found Kremlin clock face at a gas station on Western Blvd!*** ---- Kremlin clock face at gas station
  7. Russia is the biggest country in the world, it is bigger than former planet Pluto.Budget of Russia is based on natural resources – oil, gas, etc.
  8. USSR-RUSSIA History is very tough: In a short period of time from 1910-s to 2010-s we experienced many wars and crisises: Monarchy-Communism Revolution, then Civic War, World War II (22 million people died), May 9th, Cold War with USA, Russia – USSR dissolution into 15 countries, privatization, Financial Crisis 1998, Crisis 2008. It affects Russian mentality a lot, cause our parents and grandparents remember and experienced losses. Now all that people want is stability, even if sometimes it’s a stagnation, but we can not blame them. // ABOUT THE PRIVATIZATION: example about the plant at Клюшка.
  9. Moscow is one of the most populous cities in the world. Basically, there are two huge cities in Russia – Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, and the rest of the country, with very different standard of living, politic situation, information awareness, etc.
  11. The weather in Russia is different. It is true that the coldest city (in the World) – Oymyakon, Verkhoyansk located there. Alex lived in the town were winter temperature might be -40, and children skipped school, but go outside to play. But most of the cities including Moscow do have hot green summer. Warmest city (in Russia) – Sochi
  12. Russian alphabet has a lot of common letters with Greek alphabet (that’s why it is funny to “read” fraternity names – like ‘KGB’). Also we have some common letters with Latin alphabet (cause its roots are also from Greek alphabet). Russian alphabet itself is easy to learn and easy to read – you can spell the word letter by letter and anybody will understand you.***863 year+звуки на английском
  13. The only trouble can be a Russian cursive. Children learn it at school and it is still a very important part of the language.***Russian Cursive makes me cry sometimes
  14. Two types of languages (grammars) – sentence vs word.Different parts of the word – prefix, root, suffix, ending – define time, gender, plurality. Yellow blue bus (Я люблю вас,I love you),Horror show (Хорошо,Good)***Curse words – трехэтажный мат, это язык, особенно у военных, которые на нем говорят, есть даже словариRussian Proverbs and Sayings
  15. ***
  16. Russian village usually is a very poor. Farmers; but except it there’s nothing to do, a lot of drinkers, information isolation ***Фермеры живут в своих домах, но в плачевном состоянииНет развлечений – йога единственное
  17. There is another type of houses – dacha. It is different from village. Usually it is seasonal homes that are owned by citizens, usually without regular water\electricity\gas supply, are not used for permanent residence,are visited only during summer or weekends.
  18. Typical City residential areas look the same in different cities. It is skyscrapers, where people live in small flats. We even have a New Year movie called ‘The Irony of fate’ about the guy who got drunk, confused his flight and flight of his friend, and instead of Moscow came to Saint Petersburg, told taxi driver his address and found the same street, same house and didn’t realize he is in the different city.
  19. The infrastructure is also very similar. City is divided into districts. There is a good frequent public transportation system (you just need to go out and wait for the bus, no need to know the schedule). Inside the district there are playgrounds, schools, cinemas, shops, grocery stores – everything is in a walking distance. You always meet people outside. The only problem is a lack of parking.
  20. Flat is usually small (and we count amount of rooms, for example 1-bedroom is 2-room apartment). The interior has some features like carpet on the wall, wallpapers, curtains, chandelier. Russians never wear street shoes inside, there’s always special home slippers. Other features of the flat is balcony, chute on the floor, separate bathroom (usually there’s a combination of bathtub and a shower with height adjustable nozzle).***
  21. But for me the main difference is that in Russia we have central heating system, so we don’t need to think about temperature inside. During the winter it is usually around 77 degrees. Cats absolutely love the radiator. Usually it is hot water that is circulating inside the pipes. And there is no AC.
  22. When I bought insurance, they couldn’t believe we had no car before. But you don’t need it in Russia!
  23. Is constantly built***активно строитсяпро метро:
  24. You can see a lot of tourists taking pictures under ground.
  25. If you will be lucky, you can meet a unique train. For example, this train is called ‘Watercolor’ and is telling you more about painting. Basically, it is train and a gallery. There are other trains – about art, history, literature with quotes, historical events, retro trains.
  26. Despite good transportation system, bad traffic jams, bad roads, lack of parking and expensive cars, some people still do have cars.And most of them have dash cams. Here is the video about it.
  27. Typical lunch and snack. Food is very simple, no spices, no hot food.
  28. *** + Завтраки из разных стран – найти США Россия, потребительская корзина(кефир, ряженка, творог) – cottage cheese сравнение, йогурт сравнение с американским ассортиментом
  29. You can ask for couple slices of each sausage to try.***
  30. *** Pickled tomatoes, Eggplant paste, Squash paste, Pickled mushroomsFish: Шпроты, бычки, сардины, печень трески, икраMeat: ТушенкаOther: Вареная сгущенка
  31. Sunflower oil is used everywhere – for frying, for salads. Buckwheat – most popular side dish, like rice. ***
  32. Also, people stays in one group of people for 4-6 years.
  33. Events
  34. 1924-2014 ALL winter olympics
  35. Each piece of this quilt is a traditional folk art craft from different parts of the country.***
  36. Beading, laces, shawls, box, dalls, etc*** - look of the game
  37. Tray, tableware, embroidery
  38. The main idea of the torch is a phoenix feather, but many people found that it looks like a vodka label.
  39. Ovechkin from NHL started the longest torch relay in the history. Torch goes off, exploded and fired up 106 times (but it is less than 5% of total amount which is considerednormal).***Torch – гас, взрывался и загорался - NHL OvechkinТух 106 раз (less than 5% of total amount is normal)Видео где горит факелLongest relay
  40. Torch was carried by snowboarders, it was on mountain Elbrus – highest in Russia and Europe, and on Avachinsky Volcano.
  41. It was on the bottom of the Worlds deepest lake Baikal
  42. And above the water, carried with the help of jet-backpack.
  43. On the North Pole, carried on the Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker.
  44. On the reindeer sleigh.
  45. It was delivered on the specially labeled rocket…
  46. …to the international space station….
  47. Where cosmonauts took it in the open space. Same torch was used at the opening ceremony.
  48. Then it came back and continued its trip with national ice-swimming team
  49. It was shown in many cities.
  50. And many more.
  51. ***,
  52. My favorite winter sport
  53. Celebrating New Year’s more enthusiastically than Christmas. New year feast, families come together, TV and new year president speech. DedMoroz and Snegurochka (father Frost and his granddaugther), fireworksand going outside, in the morning – presents under the Christmas tree.
  54. Jan 7th because of old calendar. (it is Dec 25th, but according to the old calendar which orthodox Christian churh is using)***
  55. FinishingLeftovers from New Year
  56. ***--- если праздник попал на выходной – его переносят
  57. Flower sellers day***
  58. Parade on the Red Square, visiting monuments, congratulating veterans, remember heroes***
  59. Holiday of the spring and end of the winter. People ask winter to go away and welcome spring. Blini (thin pancakes or crepes) represents sun, burning the doll which symbolize winter.
  60. Easter – color eggs, cook Easter cake, and then bless them in the church with holy water. No chickens and bunnies 
  61. You can try all the products I described earlier – I can send the presentation.
  62. Recipes that are easy to cook in my opinion, and do not require any special ingridients***,
  63. ***Music: you are still searching for true Russian music, here are some ones I may recommend: Древнерусскийраспев – Внизпоматушке, поВолге -Черныйворон -Ой, тонивечер -Ой, данеизтучушки -ЧистыйГолос – Вдоль, дапоречке -ЖиваяСтарина – Всем, всеммальчикбылдоволен - foisted pop music is international and mostly has nothing to do with people of any country.
  64. Cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg; Kiev (Ukraine)History: Golden RingNature: Kamchatka, Baikal, Karelia, Sochi\Gelendzhik; Crimea (Ukraine)
  65. SOVIET RUSSIA….… bank robes you!… car drives you!… law breaks you!… cold cathes you!In Soviet Russia, Party finds YOU!! in Soviet Russia, taxi calls YOU!!In Soviet Russia, road forks YOU!!In Soviet Russia, radio listens to YOU!!In Soviet Russia, TV watches YOU!!
  66. ***