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  2. Internet Being Addictive What is the internet? The internet is a global online system that connects, computers and other pieces of hardware around the world. The internet, in my opinion, is very important to us every day. BY : YEAN ODOM EMMANUEL
  3. How is the Internet Important? The Internet is important because: - Email: Many companies and businesses use emails to communicate with each other about important topics and other useful information. This would not be possible without the internet. - Web: The web consists of many different webpages. They can be about anything from cooking recipes to theoretical physics. If you have a question you can probably find it on the web. - Online gaming: This isn’t that important but it’s going to be one of the main topics for this article. The Internet can provide a way for players across the world to interact with each other.
  4. Why is the Internet Addicting? The Internet is addicting in a lot of ways. Teenagers are addicted to the Internet mainly because of video games and just browsing the web in general. Social media is also a very big part of Internet addiction, when people get messages, they tend to check them and respond to them. My final opinion is that teenagers can use the internet, but they should set a time limit for how long they are able to use it for. They should also focus more on their homework and chores, or doing other important things being playing video games. And if you can’t stop then you must seek some help from your parents or your friends.
  5. Pimples and struggles teenagers may have What is are pimples? - Pimples are small pustule or papule that is in your skin, Pimples; in my opinion is a disease that is in your skin that becomes blocked with oil, dead skin, or bacteria. BY : NY VIBOL What are the struggles that teenagers may have with pimples? . Pimples make their face oily . Pimples prevent them from looking good . Pimples spread very easily around the skin . Pimples make them want to scratch their face . Pimples make teenagers feel weird . Pimples are hard to get rid off
  6. How can teenagers prevent themselves from having pimples? ● Teenagers can prevent themself from having pimples by: ○ Washing their face properly ○ Moisturizing their skin ○ Staying hydrated ○ Limiting makeup ○ Not touching their face ○ And eating foods that are healthy. In my opinion having pimple is a struggle because it makes my face oily, it makes me scratch my face, it makes me feel weird, and it prevents me from looking like my natural self. In conclusion pimple is a small pustule that is in your skin or a disease that is in your skin. It is mainly cause from when the pores of the skin that becomes dead oil, black skin, or bacteria. Teenagers has struggle from having pimples, and there are many ways that teenagers can prevent themself from having pimple.
  7. COVID 19 WHAT IS COVID 19 (CORONA VIRUS) ? Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) is defined as illness caused by a novel coronavirus called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, which was first identified amid an outbreak of respiratory illness cases in Alaska, United States BY : MENG HENG ROTH The virus that causes Covid-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air, and quickly fall on floors or surfaces. You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who has Covid-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth.
  8. COVID-19 SYMTOMS Most common symptoms: • Fever • Dry cough • Tiredness Less common symptoms: • Aches and pains • Sore throat • Diarrhea • Headache • Loss of taste or smell The virus will annihilate the whole world.
  9. Elephants now vs Prehistoric era As research shows Elephants nowadays are very common all around the world especially in Asia and Africa. They have some very interesting features like the fact that their tusks are their teeth, not their horns. Their trunk is very useful as it helps elephants grip on things like food, and help them take in water and spray it out. BY : LIM THAI SENG
  10. Elephants in the Prehistoric era These types of elephants are mammoths meaning an elephant covered with a huge amount of fur, and probably 2 times the size of our modern elephants with very long tusk and ears, but after over 10,000 years ago they went extinct because of global warming. I think seeing any one of these elephants could be awesome it show us how big an animal can be but also how dangerous they could be if they ever escape into the wilderness could kill a lot of hunters in the forest.
  12. There’s no doubt that the internet can be a great place for everyone to make friends, learn new things, or download applications and games. But with everything great, comes their bad sides. The same goes for the internet. The internet can be a serious dangerous place for everyone, but kids in particular are more affected due to them being easily tricked, and scared. Not keeping this in mind can have really bad consequences. Source to the pictures : The article, “The year of the Internet ‘critical’ things, from the website, “”
  13. Let’s start with what we call ‘grooming’. It’s basically when strangers build a relationship with a child, usually via the internet, so they can manipulate them, and abuse them either through the internet itself, or they will ask the child to meet up with them. Most of the time, after they meet up, the stranger will sexually assaults, or even rapes the child. Source to the pictures : The article, “Online Grooming” from the website, “”. Next thing I will talk about is ‘Cyberbullying’. It means to bully someone through the internet, usually through a messaging app. Source to the pictures : The article, “LEGAL ACTIONS AGAINST CYBER BULLYING: WHAT CAN YOU DO?” from the website, “”.
  14. At worst, cyberbullying can cause your kids to kill themselves. It can also cause a variety of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, insecurities, etc… WIN FREE MONEY THROUGHT THIS CONTACT NUMBER : 013 923 051!!!!! Now, let’s talk about something you find nearly everywhere, on just on the internet. It can also be found in advertisements in some newspapers. ‘Scams’. This is a huge problem, cause young children, with their underdeveloped minds, are more prone to fall for these scams.
  15. Source to the pictures : The article, “THE MOST COMMON INTERNET SCAMS YOU CAN’T HELP BUT SPOT” from the website, “”. Let’s talk about one of the most dangerous types of scams on the internet, phishing. It is basically when scammers contact you throught telephone, email or text message, and then they pretend to be some sort of legitimate institution to lure people into providing them things like personal information/data, credit card info, account passwords and some other things you really wouldn’t want to provide. This is something that should look obvious as a scam to most people. But for younglings, that’s a completely different story.
  16. Here is an example of phishing : Source to the pictures : The article, “Phishing examples” from the website, “”. Children need to be told things like these exist on the internet, so they can at least try to avoid it. But obviously, the parents still should look at what their children do everyday on there, because it’s not always a guarantee that they will always know what to do in situations like these. Not all scams on the internet are easy to notice instantly. This is also the case for adults. Like I said before, kids can easily fall for things like this. So, it’s up to their parents or guardians to pay a lot of attention to what their children do online. If they don’t do so, the results can be very impactful.
  17. Conclusion The internet can be a very dangerous place. Parents should be vary of those dangers, not just for themselves, but also for their children. Reason is that they are more vulnerable to those dangers. Final thoughts I see many parents give their children access to the internet, because they don’t want to have to be bothered by their kids too often. I understand some parents are simply very busy, so they can’t give a lot of their time to their kids. But kids should feel loved by their parents, and shouldn’t be let to stare at a screen for most of their childhood. Research shows that kids can become shy, and infected in many ways if they come across the really bad things you can find on the internet. Source to the pictures : The article, “Keeping children safe” from the website, “www.ns k”.
  18. All in all, please give your kids the love they need, especially from a very young age. It is necessary for healthy family relationships, and also for their own health, both mental and physical.
  19. POEM (THE NIGHT) This is the night Halloween has arrived We all stood outside the manor Towering so high, above us it stood This is the night, my friends and I are filled with fright We hear sounds of terror and menace As we walk into the house the suspense and tension grew The sounds grew louder and louder with every step The door slams shut behind us, everyone jumped We start running, I feel the wind blasting against my face This is the night, I was breathing heavily, I struggle to catch my breath The door was in sight and we grew with delight We ran outside to greet the fresh air I have never appreciated the starry night as much as I do right now BY: YEAN ODOM EMMANUEL
  20. POEM (THE PARK) This is my special day I went back home to see my childhood park I was so emotional, I nearly cried I missed this so much, I couldn’t miss a touch I went there and enjoyed the time of my life My emotions are so high They will fly As I’m there at the park, I saw my old friends I was so happy that i became clingy We ran around the park to show our excitement We spent a lot of time there together This was the best, It couldn’t have been better I loved and enjoyed every moment BY: NY VIBOL
  21. POEM (GRANDPARENTS) G is for giving, they are always there R is for richess, so beyond compare A is for adoration, for one and for all N is for nice, to receive their call D is for delightful, it’s their special way P is for perfect, each and everyday A is for angels, precious like gold R is for radiant, make life a glow E is for endure, all that may come N is for noble, always standing strong T is for tender, the softness of touch S is for special, we love them so much BY: MENG HENG ROTH
  22. POEM (ADOPTING A PET OR A DOLL) Coming next up a person’s feeling when adopting a pet let’s bring him up here The man: “I went to the adoption center to a dog his face was as cold as a rock barking and growling very loud. He looks so afraid to the point where I can’t negotiate. He scream and bark his head of my first impression was he was very loud. But after he stayed with me for 2 weeks he seem I notice he was a little bit weak. So I comfort him with my love and care to make him escape his past life when he was in despair” BY : LIM THAI SENG
  23. INK They bring life to creatures Seems impossible at first But with some Ink, they will learn Learn to think They will start to blink These creatures from hell They go beyond our understanding They move like water As they start the slaughter They will be no stopping them As they start the slaughter They will be no stopping them Their rampage has begun Our own creations betrayed us Poem by : Sokomar Rath Borey