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nanopsych company profile

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nanopsych company profile

  1. 1. COMPANY PORTFOLIO 2015 nanopsych Creative production Agency Creating new dimensions www.nanopsych.net
  2. 2. Putting imagination on paper Unleasing creativity. We help you achieve your dreams. C r e a t i n g n e w d i m e n s i o n s www.nanopsych.net
  3. 3. think believe imagine write paint sing dream www.nanopsych.net create
  4. 4. www.nanopsych.net about nanopsych We are a group of individuals; but what makes us different from any other group of individuals? We are different because for one, we are limitless. We are not bound by the limits of logic or unattainable dreams. We appreciate the intricate details of life, the seven arts and strict individualism. We are ill with the belief that limitations undermine creativity and dreams. Nanopsych is not just a company; it is a home, a family, for all those who choose to join us in the creation of a remodeled, modern Renaissance of the Arts. We are here to eliminate the social cocoons of limitations and create the perfect combination of creativity, logic, uniqueness, and the love of details. We did not start with much, but we started with a belief, a belief that we can make a difference in a field of young dreams waiting for a chance to mature. Embrace your different dimensions, and with our experience we will work together to create a bonded family of limitless, creative individuals. Nanopsych’s responsibility is to create a widespread creative dimension. We aim to generate opportunities for all artists within the creative field. We aspire to display artists’ work in the most suitable way reflecting their unique talents; from musicians, painters, and writers to filmmakers, photographers and the like. We help you make your dreams come true.
  5. 5. www.nanopsych.net our Vision our We aspire to break limitations and create an epidemic of creative minds. We envision a world where both the artists and the audience understand the different realms of art and its power. Nanopsych seeks to become the ultimate generator of creative opportunities within and beyond the seven arts.
  6. 6. www.nanopsych.net departments &services_
  7. 7. www.nanopsych.net film &TV department_ With more than 10 years’ experience in the field, Nanopsych’s team is more than capable of providing professional services for our clients. With our strategic partners, we offer full services within the media field. Nanopsych provide cinematic sound recording, mixing, editing and colouring. From creative production to production and post-production, our team can assist you in transforming your vision into reality. a. Short movies b. Cinema movies c. Documentaries d. TV shows e. TV programs f. TV commercials g. Cinematic sound recording h. Post production (editing, colouring, Sound mixing)
  8. 8. www.nanopsych.net a. Recording b. Film & TV soundtracks c. Online distribution d. Musical Videos production We help our clients with the process of recording, creating, promoting and distributing their unique music. Our aim is to change the music scene in Egypt and display the many unique talents that are buried under the commercial trends. With our connected services, we are able to provide our musicians everything that they would need to showcase their talent. From creating artwork and album design to marketing campaigns and concert & tour planning. department_ music
  9. 9. www.nanopsych.net art department_ We, at Nanopsych believe in the 7 arts. And we find that designers, illustrators, painters, photographers and such are not recognized enough in Egypt. We aim to promote those artists and help them showcase and sell their work through our services. From marketing their art through digital and social media to organising exhibitions and galleries. a. Photography b. Design c. Animation d. Story board creation
  10. 10. www.nanopsych.net copy department_ With knowledge comes power, and what better way to learn than from books. Nanopsych seeks to spread that power. We can assist our clients edit, publish and distribute their work; also, with the help from out art department we could create the book’s cover artwork. a. Editing b. Script writing c. Publishing d. Distribution
  11. 11. www.nanopsych.net digital media department_ We deliver a perfect mix of process, and product; thoughtful design and intended results. We take care of conceptualization, design, and development of their branding, official websites, and social media platforms, all the way to event planning and activation. Our full service digital marketing is composed of digital media strategists, web an mobile developers, multimedia artists, account managers, video production experts and directors. a. Digital advertising b. Digital media production c. Social media management d. Research and analysis e. Digital media management f. Creative digital solutions g. Strategy planning
  12. 12. www.nanopsych.net With today’s technologies, international borders are meaningless when it comes to marketing and advertising. Each of our clients has their own unique talent, and each talent has its own targeted audience, we, at Nanopsych, do not limit ourselves to the borders of Egypt. We aim higher and broader. With the extensive research made for each of our clients we are able to identify the age, gender and demographics of their targeted audience. With this we create a strategic marketing campaign that is guaranteed to generate the desired results. a. Project promotion b. Artist promotion & representation c. Public relations d. Identity establishment e. Artist development marketing & Bussiness Development department_
  13. 13. www.nanopsych.net organising department_ The core of company lays within its connected services. With the organising department we are able to offer our clients within other departments a full service. Our strong organising team, alongside our creative team, is capable of planning exceptional and astonishing exhibitions, galleries, concerts, film screening, and music festivals among many other events t hat would help us showcase our talent together with our client’s. a. Concert & event planning b. Exhibitions & galleries
  14. 14. www.nanopsych.net C r e a t i n g n e w d i m e n s i o n s location &contacts_ 3 El-Madina Al-Monawara St. from Teba St. Mohandeseen, Giza, Egypt info@nanopsych.net