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How to Find and Hire a Python_Django Development Company

Need to hire a reliable software development team? Here's your complete guide. Follow the tips to cooperate with the best Python/Django developers.

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How to Find and Hire a Python_Django Development Company

  1. 1. How to Find and Hire a Python/Django Development Company
  2. 2. Where to start: Outsourcing Python software development STEELKIWI
  3. 3. “You should define your business goals and requirements not only in terms of project deliverables but also in terms of features, deadlines, and costs. Another important step is to choose an outsourcing destination.
  4. 4. STEELKIWI We’ve analyzed the top outsourcing destinations and here’s what we found: COUNTRY AVERAGE HOURLY RATE TIME DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WASHINGTON DC AND ... TIME DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LONDON AND ... ENGLISH PROFICIENCY India < $25-50 9.5 hours 4.5 hours moderate Ukraine $25-50 7 hours 2 hours moderate Poland $25-100 6 hours 1 hour high Argentina $25-50 1 hour 4 hours high Philippines $50-100 12 hours 7 hours high Brazil $25-100 1 hour 4 hours low
  5. 5. “Another crucial thing is cultural differences. They have a huge impact on communication, interactions, understanding, interpretation, comfort, and productivity. Sometimes, cultural differences can be the biggest barrier to successful collaboration.
  6. 6. STEELKIWI There are two culture aspects: low-context and high-context LOW-CONTEXT CULTURES: UK, US, CANADA, DENMARK GERMANY, NORWAY HIGH-CONTEXT CULTURES: UKRAINE, CHINA, JAPAN, FRANCE, SPAIN, ITALY Decision-making Logical Intuitive Work ethic Task-oriented Relationship-oriented Time and deadlines Important Less important Relationships Short-term relationships Long-term relationships View of change Quick to change Slow to change Communication Explicit, specific, detailed Implicit, less direct
  7. 7. Where to find a Python software development company STEELKIWI
  8. 8. STEELKIWI On these marketplaces, you can find profiles of Python outsourcing development companies and their projects alongside reviews and ratings from current and former clients. Research and review platforms: ● GoodFirms ● Clutch.co ● Appfutura ● Upwork ● Guru ● Aciety.com ● Venturepact.com Freelance platforms: ● Toptal ● GitHub Jobs ● Python.org/Jobs ● Remote Python ● Stack Overflow ● People Per Hour ● Freelancer
  9. 9. Look at the Python and Django-based projects in their portfolio
  10. 10. STEELKIWI Most companies offer case studies, a portfolio or projects page to showcase their hands-on experience.
  11. 11. Check out feedback from previous clients
  12. 12. STEELKIWI Many platforms show reviews and feedback from past clients on a software development company’s profile: GoodFirms, Clutch, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, TopTal.
  13. 13. Interview your Python/Django team for hire
  14. 14. “It takes an interview session or two to decide whether or not to hire a Python development company. You should meet the team that’s going to work on your project during an interview, either by video or in person
  15. 15. STEELKIWI A list of possible Python & Django framework interview questions (part 1): ● What is the Python Standard Library? What are some of the useful Standard Library modules? ● What styles of inheritance does Python have? ● What is RMO? ● How does Django work? ● Explain the MVC pattern in Django. What’s peculiar about the MVC model in Django? ● What key features are available in Django? ● How are requests and responses processed in Django? ● What are Django middlewares and when should you use them? ● What databases does Django support? ● How do you set up a database in Django?
  16. 16. STEELKIWI A list of possible Python & Django framework interview questions (part 2): ● What’s the Django ORM? ● What ways of optimizing database queries using the Django ORM do you know? ● How do you customize features of the admin interface? ● What are Django-admin.py and manage.py? What’s the difference between them? ● How do you set up static files in Django? ● What styles of inheritance are there in Django? ● What caching techniques can you use to improve Django performance? ● What command line is used to load data into Django? ● What is the session framework used for? ● What are Django signals? What are their key components?
  17. 17. Review the web development technology stack
  18. 18. STEELKIWI Another important thing is the company’s technology stack Python companies are generally multifunctional because of the programming language they use. Python allows developers to build and maintain scalable systems. Companies with good expertise will offer a wide range of technology stacks or will specialize in specific areas. This expertise should include the best Python frameworks. Developers should know how to work with libraries, extensions, and APIs. When you first get in touch with a Python development company, ask what technology stack they typically use. Every programming language has its standards. You should also inquire as to whether companies keep to those standards. Common standards for Python are described in the official Python Guidelines.
  19. 19. Request a quote
  20. 20. STEELKIWI There are three popular pricing models companies work with: fixed price, time and materials, and milestone. Your estimate may vary depending on the pricing model you choose. Experienced developers can estimate the number of hours necessary to implement all features. However, to make this possible your team must have a requirements document that lists features. If you don’t have this document, you can ask a third party to write it for you. You can also ask the company you’re hiring to write project requirements for you. Mind that this service will likely also be billed. Remember that testing should also be included in your quote, as it’s an integral part of the software development process.
  21. 21. How to differentiate between a good and bad software development team? STEELKIWI
  22. 22. STEELKIWI A good Python development team: ● follows best practices and guidelines ● understands object-oriented programming ● knows how Python libraries work ● can solve Python-focused software architecture problems ● has good knowledge of web development frameworks ● has a transparent workflow ● knows what teamwork is ● has meetings to discuss project progress; ● reports regularly on work completed; ● signs a contract with you ● will provide code samples if asked to prove their capabilities ● sets up interviews with team leads ● is willing to complete a test task if one is given
  23. 23. Hiring Python developers: dos and don’ts STEELKIWI
  24. 24. STEELKIWI DOS ● Navigate the сompany’s website to get a feel for what they do and who they work with. ● Read the company blog to find out more about their expertise and aspirations. ● Check how active the company is on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get an idea of the brand and its identity. ● Read client reviews and look at ratings on freelance marketplace platforms to know what clients say about the Python/Django team you’re interested in. ● Write an email to see how the company responds. ● Schedule a call or a meeting to see if they’re open for discussion. ● Check if the company has a Dribbble or Behance account to learn about their UI/UX capabilities. ● Hear what the company has to say about your project to see if they’re excited to work with you.
  25. 25. STEELKIWI DON’TS ● Don’t hire a development team based on price alone because cheap doesn’t always mean high quality. ● Don’t always trust claims that a team can use any technology and has experience in everything because developers can’t embrace all technologies at once. ● Don’t hire software development company that’s hesitant to jump on a voice or video call because it may mean they aren’t interested in working with you. ● Don’t hire a Django development company that just wants to get the job done and doesn’t care about your goals and the future of the product.
  26. 26. Choosing the right Python software company for your project STEELKIWI
  27. 27. STEELKIWI
  28. 28. If you’re thinking of hiring a Python/Django development company or you need any consultation, let us know via hello@steelkiwi.com STEELKIWI