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Xray & Xporter were in Austria: Jira & Confluence Solutions Day 2018

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The Xray and Xporter Winter Tour kicked off last Wednesday with the Jira & Confluence Solutions. During Sérgio Freire’s (Xray Product Manager) presentation, he showed Jira as a Test Management tool and how to empower test teams to manage and deliver rock-solid software solutions with Xray. If you missed it or you want to know more about Testing in Jira, you can check it here.
For more visit https://www.xpand-addons.com/

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Xray & Xporter were in Austria: Jira & Confluence Solutions Day 2018

  1. 1. Jira as a Test Management tool Deliver faster and better software releases Sergio Freire Xray’s Product Manager Xray for JIRA empowers test teams to manage and deliver rock solid software solutions
  2. 2. 4+ Years making kickass software 5 Offices in 2 different countries +4.000 Customers Using our products +65 Countries With customers +260 Reviews In the Marketplace +360.000 Lines of Code Written by our team 4 Languages Available in English, German, Spanish and French +4.000 Support Tickets Closed by our Support Team +300 Features In our roadmap
  3. 3. Our Products:
  4. 4. Our Customers (just a few)
  5. 5. Agenda 1. Faster and better software releases 2. Why Jira for Quality Assurance? 3. Leverage Jira for testing with Xray 4. The life of a ”tester” I. Specifying, organizing, planning, executing II. Reporting 5. Test Automation 6. Xray vs competition 7. Using Jira for testing, today
  6. 6. 1. Faster and better software releases Xray – Test Management for Jira
  7. 7. Speed vs Quality Are they real enemies? Let these help you out: • Agile • DevOps • Continuous Integration • Automated Testing • Continuous Testing • Continuous Delivery Release often, with confidence. Motivate your team, make your customers happy. Image by www.genalice.com.
  8. 8. Why is Test Management so important? Software is everywhere, including in critical systems from health, finance, transports, space, IoT, just to name a few…
  9. 9. 2. Why Jira for Quality Assurance? Xray – Test Management for Jira
  10. 10. Using Jira for software development Requirements Defects
  11. 11. … there was Excel… or even other “legacy Test Management tools”  In the ”dark ages”….
  12. 12. Built-in features • Focus on teams • Collaboration / Comments • Agile project management & waterfall • Workflow control • Customizable and adaptable • Searching • Assignment • Track changes • Linking between issues • Importing issues from CSV And more, through thousands of add-ons… Welcome to “modern ages” with Jira
  13. 13. What is missing? 1. Test related artifacts (tests, executions, plans) 2. Visibility of testing results and progress in Agile boards 3. In-context information about tests for requirements 4. Advanced reporting for generating documents and drill-down on data Jira as a Test Management tool
  14. 14. 3. Leverage Jira for testing with Xray Xray – Test Management for Jira
  15. 15. Dedicated Jira issue types for testing Specification: Tests and Pre-Conditions Organization: Test Sets Planning: Test Plans Execution: (sub)Test Executions
  16. 16. 1. Leverages Jira’s built-in features 2. Permission control 3. Implementation of Workflows 4. Custom fields 5. Screens customization 6. Assignment, Changes tracking 7. Collaboration 8. And much more… The benefits of using Jira issue types
  17. 17. 4. The life of a “tester” Xray – Test Management for Jira
  18. 18. Testing phases
  19. 19. • Composed by a list of steps • Each Step is defined by: • Action/Step • Data • Expected Result • Input Attachments • Jira Wiki markup support • Importing steps, including from Excel using copy & paste Specifying “Manual Tests”
  20. 20. • Cucumber supported natively • BDD – Specify tests in a business-readable domain-specific language • Test definition serves as documentation • Automated test steps may be implemented in Ruby, Java, .Net, etc • Export specification and execute it during Continuous Integration Specifying “Automated Cucumber Tests”
  21. 21. Astracts initial steps that must be done or ensured before starting the test. • Manual or Automated • Reusable; may be linked to multiple Tests Complement specifications with “Pre-Conditions”
  22. 22. Flat, with “Test Sets” Organizing Tests in multiple ways A issue that represents a list of tests organized by some logical way. The natural “JIRA way”. For the “hierarchy/folder mindset”… Hierarchical (v3.0)
  23. 23. A testing plan for aggregating and consolidate results from multiple iterations (i.e. Test Executions) • Tracks a group of tests and their results independently of the number of executions • Create planned test cycles (i.e. Test Executions) for the Test Plan Planning with “Test Plans”
  24. 24. • Contains a list of tests and their results (i.e. test runs) • Can be labeled, proritized, assigned to components, etc. • May be created manually or during Continuous Integration A “task” for executing a group of tests on a given version of the system. Executing with “Test Executions”
  25. 25. 1. Set Execution Result 2. Create Defect issues 3. Attach Evidences 4. Add comments 5. Check the Execution Activity Log At the execution screen of a Test Run…
  26. 26. Ok… but how does gets visible in our requirements? Xray – Test Management for Jira
  27. 27. “Requirements” as they come by default in Jira • You may track the implementation through the workflow status but it lacks testing related info • “Soft-binding” between implementation and expected result
  28. 28. Real status of requirements with in-context information With Xray: • Real-time information about the coverage status of the requirement for a given version • Real-time information about the associated test results, for a given version • A ”requirement” may be any issue type you may have; test coverage can be made in any issue type
  29. 29. 4. ii) Reports Xray – Test Management for Jira
  30. 30. 1. Built-in reports 2. JIRA gadgets in Jira dashboards 3. Agile boards 4. Through other top-notch Jira Multiple ways of reporting, the Jira way
  31. 31. Shows the requirement traceability, from requirements to defects. This helps you analyze the requirements and related Tests, Test Runs and defects, for quickly identifying uncovered or incomplete/faulty requirements. Built-in reports: Traceability Report
  32. 32. Provides a quick way of evaluating the current (coverage) status of your project's requirements, so you will be able to see if they are ready to be or not. Jira Dasboards: Requirement Coverage Gadgets
  33. 33. Useful, yet lack quality related information. Standard Agile Boards
  34. 34. Xray gives you visibility of your testing results and its progress. Enhanced Agile Boards with Xray
  35. 35. Use Xporter to generate fully customizable Word, Excel or PDF files with your testing reports to give to your management, colleagues or to your customers (e.g. Test specification, Test Execution progress and respective results, Test Plan details). Reports as deliverable assets
  36. 36. 5. Test Automation Xray – Test Management for Jira
  37. 37. The cost of bugs Code Complete, Steve McConnell, 2004 • The cost of fixing bugs grows exponentially depending on the phase in which they are detected • The fix cost also depends on the stage where bugs are initially introduced => Automated testing to the rescue! Phase in which a Defect is introduced Phase in which a Defect is detected
  38. 38. Supported formats • Xray JSON • Cucumber • Behave • JUnit • NUnit • Robot framework • Calabash • … more to come Automation in mind… Integrating with automated test frameworks
  39. 39. Enabling Automated Tests
  40. 40. 6. Xray vs competition Xray – Test Management for Jira
  41. 41. Xray vs Zephyr for Jira Xray Zephyr Native support for BDD with Cucumber - Jira issues for all testing phases - Data consistency - JUnit, NUnit, Robot, Behave, TestNG* - Hierarchical, multi-level folder Tests organization at project level - Hierarchical, multi-level folder Tests organization per each Test Plan - REST API built-in - Integration with Xporter for fully customized reports in Word, PDF, XLS -
  42. 42. 7. Using Jira for testing, today! Xray – Test Management for Jira
  43. 43. Xray provides: 1. A built-in Test Case Importer, that is able to import tests (including attachments and additional fields) from a friendly CSV 2. A built HP ALM 12.5x importer 3. An open REST API, that can be used to import Tests and also results Migrating tests to Jira
  44. 44. Fitting all together
  45. 45. w w w. x p a n d - a d d o n s . c o m Thank you. sergio.freire@xpand-it.com