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Multi tenant PBX manager

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Multi-tenant Cloud PBX platform by Xorcom
For hosted PBX providers & multi-branch enterprise
Run a complete hosted PBX platform,
Manage multiple CompletePBX instances,
Create and manage resellers,
Optimized resource consumption,
Easy to start, simple to manage.


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Multi tenant PBX manager

  1. 1. Xorcom MT Manager Conduct your cloud PBX services
  2. 2. Virtual Cloud Telephony •Quick response to customers requirements •Tenant scalability •Simplicity for the customer •No CAPEX •Remote extensions •Low overhead costs •Takes responsibility away from the end user
  3. 3. Obstacles •Infrastructure •Complexity •Initial capital investment •Security
  4. 4. MT Manager - Cloud PBX Simplified Conducting multiple tenants with elegance
  5. 5. Main Features Provide hosted PBX services with MT Manager • Create a new PBX in 1 minute • Start / Stop / Delete Tenant • Manage resellers • Separation between tenants • Individual web login for each tenant • SSH and AMI access per tenant • Server resource management • Each tenant is a fully-features CompletePBX system
  6. 6. Security • Separate database per tenant • Whitelists for service access • SIP access by fully qualified domain name • Topology hiding - impossible to learn the path from trace • Enforced CompletePBX password policy (no override option) Keep your customers secure
  7. 7. MT Manager Admin Reseller BReseller A How it works CT Auto Center Server Hardware CompletePBX MT Host ABC, Inc. Power Motors Ltd.
  8. 8. Pay-Per-Use • Automatic license creation & assignment - no delays • Monthly invoice based on the average extensions & add-ons use for the month • Monthly report indicates systems by reseller • Option to stop non-paying customers’ PBX • Minimal 300 extensions charge Easy commercial interaction
  9. 9. Resellers • Easily create & mange resellers • Reseller can create own customer PBXs • Reseller sees only their customers’ information • Admin can move tenants between resellers • Admin can delete a reseller (and keep or delete the tenants) Provide services via dealers
  10. 10. Target Market • Carriers • Hosted PBX Service providers • Provide your own service • Provide your own service via resellers Direct customers
  11. 11. Advantages • Simplicity of operation - no long training required • Minimal capital investment up front • Short setup time • Bring your own trunks • Scalability • Resource efficiency • Updates & upgrades included • Host Anywhere Setup & operations any other provider…
  12. 12. Advantages • Fully-featured CompletePBX system • Instant setup - short response time • One-click module activation (coming soon) Customer experience
  13. 13. Availability NOW!
  14. 14. Thank you