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AI/SMT machine spare parts from Southern Machinery

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Professional provide customer with auto insertion technology.
Provide all kinds of insertion machine, SMT machine and spare parts supply.Contact :Email:chan@smthelp.com

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AI/SMT machine spare parts from Southern Machinery

  1. 1. www.smthelp.com Professional to provide the AI/SMT machines' spare parts. 1.We have different original spare parts' drawing, though our spare parts are high copy ,but we can manufacture the same quality as original ,and the price is lower than the original 10 times.At the same time,we promise the enough life of spare parts 100%.
  2. 2. www.smthelp.com VCD- 2080X BAR
  3. 3. www.smthelp.com 2.Provide different spare parts and wearing parts of different brands and models.(UIC,TDK,Panasonic,Samsung,Fuji,Juki......) Only need to tell us your parts' machine model and P/N. Fuji Juki YAMAHA Samsung Panasonic TDK UIC TDK
  4. 4. www.smthelp.com 3.After receive order ,we will prepare the products right away for you,once receive your payment,we will delivery in a short time. Maximum shortened the time for customers to get the goods. 4.Carefully check the quality before every shipment .
  5. 5. www.smthelp.com 5.Strict requirements on packing . Ensure that after let customer received parts not only won't disappoint , instead of happy .
  6. 6. www.smthelp.com Welcome inquiry 1,Please visit : www.smthelp.com 2, Find us more: https://www.facebook.com/autoinsertion 3, Know more our team: https://cn.linkedin.com/in/smtsupplier 4, Welcome to our factory in Shenzhen China 5, Google:Auto+Insertion 6, Looking forward to your email:chan@smthelp.com