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How to publish your thesis or dissertation as a book?

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Information and step by step to publish your thesis or dissertation as a book.

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How to publish your thesis or dissertation as a book?

  1. 1. How  to  publish  your  disserta2on  or   thesis  as  a  book?       Wylliams  Barbosa  Santos   Advisor:  Hermano  Perrelli  de  Moura  
  2. 2. Agenda   •  Mo9va9on   –  RiSE  Group   –  RiSE  Thesis   –  Book:  A  Traceability  Informa9on  Retrieval  Tool  for  SPL  Projects   •  How  to  publish  your  disserta9on  or  thesis  as  a  book   –  Lambert  Academic  Publishing   –  General  Informa9on   –  Step  by  step   –  Marke9ng  Materials   –  New  Author  Recommenda9on   •  Lambert:    Partner  Worldwide   •  Book  Launch  Invita9on  
  3. 3. RiSE  Group  
  4. 4. http://www.ivanmachado.com.br/research/rise/thesis/
  5. 5. https://www.lap-publishing.com/ Video: How to Publish Your Research?
  6. 6. General  Informa5on   1.  LAP  are  interested  in  monographs,  scripts,  diploma  theses,   master  theses,  disserta2ons,  postdoctoral  theses  and   lecture  notes;     2.  Authors  receive  an  royalty  commission;   3.  Highly  dedicated  editors  aim  at  delivering  the  best  guidance;   4.  Free-­‐of-­‐charge;  
  7. 7. General  Informa5on   1.  Very  simple  and  user-­‐friendly  pla9orm  for  the  crea9on  of   book  projects;   2.  Individual  Cover  Image;   3.  High-­‐quality  paperback;   4.  ISBN  and  barcode;  
  8. 8. Step  by  step   1.  Send  an  e-­‐mail  with  some  ini9al  informa9on  about  work:   publishing@lap-­‐publishing.com;   2.  Submit  your  manuscript  for  evalua9on;   3.  Acceptance  of  Informa9on;   4.  Link  to  register  and  accept  the  terms,  condi9ons;   5.  Informa9on  about    the  author  and  book;  
  9. 9. As an author you can order copies of your book at a discounted rate!
  10. 10. Book  Launch  Invita5on   •  Place:  Faculdade  Joaquim  Nabuco  –  Unidade  Recife   •  Date:  30th  of  August     •  Time:  07:00  pm   •  Room:  Auditorium    
  11. 11. Wylliams  Barbosa  Santos   about.me/wylliams   wbs@cin.ufpe.br