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CAM International Market Columbus Store Trip Handout (Complete Version with Annotation)

Chinese IV or III Left school at around 9:30 (remind students to show up on time) get to market at around 9:50, started at about 10, left at around 10:50, back at 11:15
能够了解:蔬菜/水果 进货地区和时间,鱼类进货地点和时间,受欢迎的零食和冷冻产品,货架安排
1. Tour explanation focus on 蔬菜/水果,鱼肉,冰淇淋和饺子,茶,糖果;化妆品(一个学生建议的)这次tour 差不多45分钟呢
2. Free Q&A time to reflection and write down answers
3. Free activity time (such as shopping, searching)

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CAM International Market Columbus Store Trip Handout (Complete Version with Annotation)

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  3. 3. F: WE‘ ‘fin CAM International Market Trip iFfiki€7F I. (Pre-reading & Thinking) fi'rI5‘—§‘-FIQIE On the bus reading comprehension; Complete the %ll5JE translation work and answer the questions related to the map in Chinese _ §uJ‘n; C« “ ‘ jiéslvio (5,; $15 If ‘ ll. (Store Introduction) Ziglézli, /I‘fiTI7é‘J4;éé’ by fil? y'i, YJn’eifi«*Z ékif z+fi$w—A»Lg¢fi WW 8' 0 Properly introduce yourself and address the guide by his/ her job title and polite form Pm oZhA£: k for permission to take pictures : ?}LT= ]'VX»r’}. }(é_'rl= ‘EtE1»1Il€1 ; ‘!€= ’J’—9J? You need to take pictures along your trip for your speaking hmwk. 0 Find out more information about the guide such as Z? ’-, 1"‘ uZ>“M ié&w2,%%w$§%7 o Find out l+’Z; ?Hd"l'£9“l‘Jz€»iE‘v‘3Ll(». ‘7Ffi€I‘J, H1;¥&Wz‘%l+Z? l3f %%, fi&fi@fi%%§§%§§HzH%%$§@fiM£H ’AHd’l'%,8L7E%: ;E%. —’, x%', ’—X)‘{é‘JzEé"}Il5*£E*TéI1WS(: ym(ask about the guide Itlz. /wiefikgm, as; g%kwga%a%a$%w, s $agfi&£afiz%£%§%(w%%%%, &%%m) o Take notes for questions above lll. (Pair Work) Scavenger Hunt Part (Be Observant) ’ ~; ?,slxi‘io? n 1.zizm%gwh&Hzwg? aa%e£§¢? Huvis 8 , ><, ‘~§. , , ,,. 2,£#&£m. %&flT@m$&, %flsTzm%z+(mx w/ ‘ut fi%%>, fifizfasgmwzmawugaagaso 1
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  5. 5. 3.i? fik%§fi7$Effé1hbi7? (How would you introduce its location to a Chinese person who just moved into Columbus? ) fififlffifififiz? 5’ H8 4. Jzn%lfi<é4J’/ iHHfi? hE1%—l()iIIii§)r3;x“»T? ’T'i’e3l‘A? b,kj$*fifJ€'= &tlLa’i4ft Tay| or_Q: , , . . M . .+ is» . ~ House / axle? 5’)L.7g', 1:: —mm1:, ar4¢<; .= i= / i. ‘«'3ili3/IIZ7IE‘7JfiI$ sh? “N M““ swd«kM~ to g/ xphwho %fiHZW%fifiW4%fobmwM