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Flyer Geelhoed - 06-02-2014

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Flyer Geelhoed - 06-02-2014

  1. 1. achieving results
  2. 2. For more than 25 years, Geelhoed Engineering has been providing advice on structures for a wide range of clients. From the office in Moordrecht, centrally located in the Randstad, our team of enthusiastic and experienced employees work on projects throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Our strength lies in the input we offer our clients from the very beginning of the design process until the detailed engineering phase. Our years of experience and knowledge of the performance phase, combined with the latest technology, contribute to the design of good, economical structures that do justice to the architecture and the client’s requirements. The many long-lasting relationships that we have with our clients are proof of their appreciation. vision knowledge and coopknowledge and coopknowledge and coopknowledge and coopknowledge and coopknowledge and coopknowledge and coopknowledge and coop
  3. 3. The goal of the quality handbook that Geelhoed Engineering introduced in 2003 is the continuous improvement of our organisation. Thanks to this handbook, the organisation is now ISO 9001:2008 certified. Geelhoed Engineering is a committed member of NLingenieurs, the Dutch trade association of consultancy, management and engineering companies. The members of NLingenieurs are private companies that provide engineering services, adhere to the principle of free competition and meet the association’s quality requirements. The association’s members, varying from small companies to companies that operate worldwide, all have a reputation of providing high-quality, objective advice. This is an excellent support for clients who are looking for a company with sound and specific professional knowledge. quality The vision of Geelhoed Engineering is “cooperating to achieve results”. These are not empty words; they express the way we have operated for many years and our belief that cooperation leads to the best results. We have participated in various long- term partnerships, and the knowledge and experience we have gained is used to continuously improve the entire team of building chain partners and make it stronger. Thanks to years of cooperating with architects, project developers, building companies and consultants on building costs, installations, geotechnics and building physics, we have developed into an all- round consultancy with extensive knowledge of the construction process with an eye for the work areas and the interests of the other building partners. cooperating to achieve results perationperationperation
  4. 4. An integral design team works towards a common goal based on equality and mutual respect by applying concurrent engineering. This intensive, simultaneous form of cooperation shortens the design process and increases the quality of the design. It is important to be able to see beyond the limits of your own discipline. Integral design involves intensive cooperation with the other design parties, but goes further than that: the client and the end user must also play a role. The result is that the most optimal solution is found for every phase within the lifecycle of a building: from design to performance and from management and maintenance to demolition or reuse. integral design We develop a building model based on the requirements, wishes or objectives. A (building) model is a description of the (future) reality that is documented using a collection of standards and definitions. The result of the digitalisation of this paper information is called a Building Information Model (BIM). Depending on how far you wish to go, a BIM can be a 3D model, a 4D model or an nD model. Building Information Modelling is more than just digital building models and CAD software. BIM is designed to save information from all the disciplines involved in a building project during the entire lifecycle of a building. BIM innovative and sustainabinnovative and sustainabinnovative and sustainabinnovative and sustainabinnovative and sustainabinnovative and sustainab
  5. 5. Geelhoed Engineering saw the importance and the future value of Building Information Modelling at an early stage and in 2007 we started implementing 3D modelling in our organization. Gradually adding more and more information to the model resulted in “small- scale BIM”. Nowadays, practically every project is digitised in a 3D model, so that more information is available for the client and the other BIM partners. Geelhoed Engineering uses the 3D BIM drawing packages Tekla Structures and Revit Structure. Thanks to our experience and the use of this 3D BIM software, we are able to be a partner for all building chain parties who are active in the world of BIM. ‘Sustainability’ was clearly defined by the UN Brundtland Commission in 1987: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainability is often believed to be about solutions involving energy-efficient buildings or even buildings that generate energy. Choosing the right structure and construction components can have a major influence on the use of materials. Given that the available raw materials for building materials are limited, we have to design buildings with an eye on the reuse of the building, the components and the raw materials. sustainable design ble solutionsble solutionsble solutionsble solutionsble solutionsble solutions
  6. 6. Oostpolderweg 6 2841 DA Moordrecht The Netherlands P.O. Box 29 2840 AA Moordrecht The Netherlands Telefoon +31 (0)182 - 37 26 33 info@geelhoed.com www.geelhoed.com