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9 Ways to Stay Successful in the New Google Ads

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Google is changing... again.

The transition from AdWords to Google Ads is here, and coming with it is a slew of new features, options and menus that could be overwhelming if you don't know where to look.

Our expert will walk you through everything you need to know to be successful in the new Google Ads UI, including:
• 9 key indicators of account health and how to find them in Google Ads
• Features that are new, missing, and updated within the new UI
• The 60-second Google Ads efficiency test everyone should be using

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9 Ways to Stay Successful in the New Google Ads

  1. 1. LIVE WEBINAR © Copyright 2018 WordStream, Inc. All rights reserved. 9 Ways to Stay Successful in the New Google Ads
  2. 2. 2@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask:
  3. 3. Logistics • Webinar will be recorded – check your inbox for materials • Submit your questions for Q&A
  4. 4. 4@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: • Former account manager & content guy at WordStream • Currently Senior Product Marketing Specialist (also at WordStream) • NH native • Rabid Boston sports fan I’m Allen Allen Finn
  5. 5. 5| @allenthomasfinn Today we’re going to talk about…
  6. 6. 6@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Staying successful in… By… • Discovering instances of wasted spend • Reviewing account activity • Ensuring device-level specificity • Adhering to best practices • Optimizing… • ETA • Quality Scores • CTR • Keywords • Impression share
  7. 7. 7| Confidential Quick Recap: Why “Google Ads”?
  8. 8. 8@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: -“Words” Isn’t a Broad Enough Umbrella
  9. 9. 9@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Google Ads “represents the full range of advertising capabilities [Google] offers today… to help marketers connect with the billions of people finding answers on Search, watching videos on YouTube, exploring new places on Google Maps, discovering apps on Google Play, browsing content across the web, and more.” It’s Google’s hope that this new, simpler name will usher in understanding and leave the door open to expand advertising options without confusion in the future. Why does it exist?
  10. 10. 10@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: One-Stop-Shop Search / Display / YouTube / App
  11. 11. 11@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: What does it look like?
  12. 12. | Confidential 12 The Lay of the Land
  13. 13. 13| @allenthomasfinn …and that’s why we’re here today
  14. 14. 14| | @allenthomasfinn But first... A Seasonally Appropriate Analogy
  15. 15. 15@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Rolling into the 2018 NFL season, one team’s head coach stands a cut above the rest…
  16. 16. 16@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: In 18 seasons with the same organization, he has… 214 wins A .679 regular season winning percentage 5 Super Bowl wins 3 AP NFL Coach of the Year Awards
  17. 17. 17| @allenthomasfinn Wait, there’s more!
  18. 18. 18@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: He’s the only current NFL head coach who also serves as his team’s de-facto general manager Head Coach General Manager
  19. 19. 19| | @allenthomasfinn Why is Bill Belichick so successful despite having twice the responsibility of his peers?
  20. 20. 20@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Adherence to the same fundamental keys to success despite a perpetually shifting landscape
  21. 21. 21@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask:
  22. 22. 22@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Which is exactly what you need to do as you transition from the familiarity of Google AdWords to the whirring newness of Google Ads
  23. 23. 23@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask:
  24. 24. 24| Confidential #1: Discover Wasted Spend
  25. 25. | Confidential 25 The Problem • Keywords are assumptions. Search queries are actions. • The gap between assumption and action inevitably leads to wasted spend Key Questions • Does this search query have a below-average CTR? • Does this search query have a below-average conversion rate? • Does this search query have an above-average cost per conversion?
  26. 26. 26@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: The Solution: Addition by Subtraction
  27. 27. 27@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Adding Negative Keywords in Google Ads
  28. 28. 28@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Now You Can… Use the money that used to be over here To pay for more of these
  29. 29. 29@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Boring? Yes. Time consuming? Uh huh. Necessary? You betcha.
  30. 30. 30| @allenthomasfinn #2: Review Account Activity
  31. 31. | Confidential 31 The Problem • Reps. Reps. Reps. Reps. Reps. • Forming good habits is hard. • Time is not on your side. Key Questions • Are the actions I’m taking impactful? • How often am I checking under the hood?
  32. 32. 32@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: The Solution: Watch the Tape
  33. 33. 33@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Reviewing Account Activity
  34. 34. 34@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: • Discover whether or not you’re “doing enough.” • Review the kinds of actions you’re taking (and their impact). • Develop an optimization strategy that works for your account (and your schedule). Using this information, you can: Now You Can…
  35. 35. 35| | @allenthomasfinn #3: Device-level granularity
  36. 36. | Confidential 36 The Problem • We live in a mobile-first world. • This year, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide has come from mobile devices. • Google cares more about mobile optimization now more than ever. Key Questions • How am I differentiating between desktop and mobile traffic? • Am I considering differences in search intent by device? • Is my website mobile-friendly?
  37. 37. 37@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask:
  38. 38. 38@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Mobile Optimization in Google Ads: Mobile-Optimized Extensions Every extension in a red box has a “Mobile” check box under “Advanced options.” Extensions with a checked box for Mobile are given preference on mobile devices, but are still eligible to show on computers and tablets.
  39. 39. 39@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Mobile Optimization in Google Ads: Bid Adjustments To create mobile-specific campaigns (or ad groups), navigate to the devices tab and implement a -100% bid adjustment.
  40. 40. 40@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Mobile Optimization in Google Ads: Landing Page When a keyword looks like this… And use this… Go here… To fix these…
  41. 41. 41| Confidential #4: Optimize…Ads
  42. 42. | Confidential 42 The Problem • Writing ads is hard, but perpetual testing is imperative to your account’s success • New default feature generates new ones automatically Key Questions • Are you testing ad creative with enough volume and frequency? • Are you okay with giving up control over your messaging?
  43. 43. 43@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Why did Google Create Automatic Ad Suggestions?
  44. 44. 44@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: What do Automatically generated ads look like? Google will create these new ad suggestions by creating ad variations of existing ad messaging within your account. Consider these four ads: Can you tell which were written by humans and which were written by Google’s algorithms? (Beep Boop **1** Beep Boop **3**)
  45. 45. 45@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: “I’ll test my own dang ads”
  46. 46. 46@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Turning off Ad suggestions
  47. 47. 47@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Now You Can…A/B Test With Purpose Implement split tests that do more than invert headlines!
  48. 48. 48| @allenthomasfinn #5: Optimize… Quality Score
  49. 49. | Confidential 49 The Problem • Quality Score is king • There are many moving parts Key Questions • How do I figure out why my Quality Scores are junk? • How do I act on that information?
  50. 50. 50@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: REFRESHER: Components of Quality Score YIKES!
  51. 51. 51@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Current vs. Historical QS Data Current • Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing pages are to a person who sees your ad. Higher Quality Scores typically lead to lower costs and better ad positions. Historical • "Historical Quality Score" shows you the last known Quality Score for the reporting period. To see your daily scores, segment this column by day.
  52. 52. 52@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: The Solution: Columns (and the ghost of columns past)
  53. 53. 53@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Use QS columns to determine what you need to improve. Use Historical QS columns to see the impact of your optimization efforts at the most granular level. Improved ad copy Improved landing page
  54. 54. 54| | @allenthomasfinn #6: Optimize…CTR
  55. 55. | Confidential 55 The Problem • You need the right people to click your ads, otherwise you’re just wasting money • There are a million different levers you can pull that have the potential to impact CTR. Key Questions • How are you adjusting bids? • How is your account structured?
  56. 56. 56@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: The Solution: Overview is your friend
  57. 57. 57@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: The Solution: Ad Group-Level Bid Adjustments (When Possible)
  58. 58. 58@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: The Solution: Ad Group-Level Bid Adjustments (When Possible)
  59. 59. 59@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Be willing to exclude some potentially valuable searchers in the pursuit of your perfect customer.
  60. 60. 60| Confidential #7: Optimize…Keywords
  61. 61. | Confidential 61 The Problem • Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to a point-of-purchase or when they're using voice search. Key Questions • How many of your keywords are long-tail?
  62. 62. 62@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Back to the Search Queries!
  63. 63. 63@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask:
  64. 64. 64@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: The Solution: Keyword Planner (Updated!)
  65. 65. 65| Confidential #8: Optimize… Impression share
  66. 66. | Confidential 66 The Problem • The keywords you’re bidding on are searched for a finite number of times. • You have a finite budget. • Increasing impressions means more opportunities for clicks and, if you’re doing everything else right, conversions. Key Questions • Do you know where you’re losing out on valuable impressions due to rank or budget?
  67. 67. 67@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: The Solution: Add the Search Lost IS (Rank) Column Search lost impression share (rank) estimates how often your ad didn't show on the Search Network due to poor Ad Rank. Ad Rank determines your ad position and whether your ad is able to show at all. It's calculated using your bid, ad and website quality, context of the search, Ad Rank Thresholds, and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.
  68. 68. 68@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: The Solution: Auction Insights = Competitor Campaigns
  69. 69. 69| Confidential A quick recap of our list so far…
  70. 70. 70@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Ways to Stay Successful in Google Ads Discover instances of wasted spend Review your account activity Device-level granularity Optimize…ads Optimize…Quality Score Optimize…CTR Optimize…Keywords Optimize…Impression share
  71. 71. 71| @allenthomasfinn “I need to do all of that?! Come on, man.” - You, probably
  72. 72. 72| | @allenthomasfinn “Yeah.” - Google (That’s why we have #9)
  73. 73. 73| Confidential #9: Run Our Grader
  74. 74. 74@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: You can get a baseline read on everything I just talked about
  75. 75. 75@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: Oh, and you get a little bit of this…
  76. 76. 76@allenthomasfinnQuestion? Just ask: So you can spend the rest of your summer here →
  77. 77. © Copyright 2018 WordStream, Inc. All rights reserved. Thank you! Allen Finn, Senior Product Marketing Specialist afinn@wordstream.com @allenthomasfinn