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Media Managing Phase 3.pptx

  1. BASIC CHARATERISTICS OF MEDIA PERSONNEL CIC  Skeptic  Arrogant  Strained  Competitive
  2. OBJECTIVES OF MEDIA RELATIONS CIC Build Relationships Raise Awareness Change Perspective Gain Support
  3. CIC OBJECTIVES OF MEDIA RELATIONS Build Relationships  The relationship between an organization and the media is significant in measuring the success of the delivery of information to the public or the target audience.
  4. CIC TIPS IN BUILDING A GOOD MEDIA RELATIONS Build Relationships OBJECTIVES OF MEDIA RELATIONS 1. Build relationships not individual opportunities 2. Let the Media get to know you 3. Get to know the media 4. Match your pitching schedule to the media’s schedule
  5. CIC TIPS IN BUILDING A GOOD MEDIA RELATIONS Build Relationships OBJECTIVES OF MEDIA RELATIONS 5. Anticipate the media’s needs 6. Be clear about what you want 7. Keep your promises 8. Use social media to report your own news
  6. CIC OBJECTIVES OF MEDIA RELATIONS  The next most important goal for media relations is to raise awareness about your brand, products or services, executives, company news, and get the message in front of the right audience. Raise Awareness
  7. CIC OBJECTIVES OF MEDIA RELATIONS  Organizations use media relations to change the perception and behavior of the public towards a certain belief, events, issues, and circumstances. Change Perspective
  8. CIC OBJECTIVES OF MEDIA RELATIONS  For many community groups and organization, gaining positive and consistent coverage in the media can have an incredible impact on the work they do. Gain Support

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. Skeptic - (disbeliever, easily doubts) Arrogant - (bigheaded, proud, overconfident) Strained - (stressed, tensed, worried, nervous) Competitive - (aggressive, ready for action)
  2. The organization can determine whether the relationship with the media is helpful or dysfunctional.. HOW? If there are no response from the public or positive change from the audience, meaning, the information coming from our organization which are intended for the public through the media is not reaching the target audiences. Ex. We want to promote our program like our best practice with the help of the media, “Tenant Ko Kilala ko”
  3. 1. Ex. Avoid favoritism 2. Ex. If there is a change of command in your station 3. Ex. Research who are the media personnel 4. Ex. You have an accomplishment in the evening, like arrest of a wanted person, you might as well give a press release about your accomplishment hours before the news program is aired..
  4. 5. Ex. If the media will visit your station or office for an interview, always think what they will be needing. (Ex. Pictures or videos and other relevant information) 6. Ex. If you need them to witness a inventory of drug cases, you should inform them straight to the point. 7. Ex. If your tell the media to give updates about an incident, your should honor your statement. 8. Ex. If you have an accomplishment, you can post it on social media to attract the attention of the media.
  5. Once that you have built a good relationship with the media, you will be effective in raising awareness to the public.