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Digital Marketing Basics

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Digital Marketing Basics

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Basics Presented at National Institute of Marketing Nigeria
  2. 2. Objectives of the Session This session aims to provide a foundation for understanding and implementing digital marketing for effectively and efficiently achieving business objectives.
  3. 3. Outline • What is Digital Marketing • Which Digital Marketing approach is right for your brand • Placing Media Online • Measuring the impact of your campaign?
  4. 4. What is Digital Marketing?
  5. 5. Digital marketing is not Social Media!!
  6. 6. Digital Marketing is the distribution and consumption of marketing communication materials via Digital Channels & Devices. Social Media is only one of many Digital Marketing Channels
  7. 7. As technology advances, more and more channels and devices are opening up. However for now, these are the most popular!
  8. 8. Digital Marketing Devices • Mobile Devices e.g Tablets & Mobile Phones • Laptop & Desktops • Smart TVs • LED Screens
  9. 9. Digital Marketing Channels • Websites e.g Youtube • Mobile Apps e.g Candy Crush • Social Media e.g Instagram • Emails & Bulk SMS
  10. 10. Which Digital Marketing Approach is right for your business?
  11. 11. First you need to decide what your marketing objective really is. Then we can ask…
  12. 12. should I PROMOTE my product online?
  13. 13. Looking for answers? Ask these guys…
  14. 14. The 4 other P’s of Marketing Promotion Product PeoplePlace Price
  15. 15. Question 1 - Product Do you manage a service or a product?
  16. 16. Question 2 - People Who is your Target Audience?
  17. 17. Question 3 - Place Can your product be purchased and delivered online?
  18. 18. Question 4 - Price Is it economical to sell and deliver it online?
  19. 19. In answering these questions, it becomes clear if you should run a social media campaign, banner campaign, content marketing campaign…e.t.c
  20. 20. For example… A new online fashion store targeting women can start by profiling and reaching their TA via social media and driving website visits via display and search advertising. Their customers visit the store and pay for goods purchased online to have it delivered
  21. 21. Placing Media Online
  22. 22. Buying media online is similar to buying media via traditional channels
  23. 23. Marketing Communication Channels: Traditional/Digital TV Advert Radio Jingle Press/Print Materials Experiential Marketing Billboards Channels TV/NTA News Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo Traditional Billboards Web Banner Adverts, LED Billboards Radio Stations Internet Radio, Music Streaming Websites; Cloud9 Newspaper Adverts Social Media Posters Road Shows, Market activation Blogs, engagement apps e.g Cheki app, Branded Mini Games
  24. 24. 4 Advantages of Digital Media over Traditional Media
  25. 25. 1. COUNTED The major advert of Digital over Traditional is that it can be ( MEASURED.) This means that returns on investment can be accessed
  26. 26. 2. CORRECTED Digital Media can be easily Corrected; This means that human errors can easily be caught before they damage the brand
  27. 27. 3. CONVERSATIONS It allows for customer feedback at every step of the way, allowing communication material to be tested easily before exposing to the general public.
  28. 28. 4. CHEAPER When compared compared across many metrics, Digital Marketing approaches end up being Cheaper with higher Returns On Investment (ROI) than Traditional Marketing.
  29. 29. Measuring Your Impact
  30. 30. What can be measured • Reach – How many people saw the advert • Engagement (e.g Clicks )– How many people click the banner or watched the video • Impressions – How many times did my advert show • Shares – How many people told someone about my adverts • Conversations – How many people are talking about my advert
  31. 31. There are many tools to be used for measuring impact in Digital Media e.g • Google Analytics • Similar web • Tweetreach • Facebook Insights
  32. 32. Thank You Now find out a little more about Digital X Interactive in the last 3 slides
  33. 33. Thank You Contact Details