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Digital Trends for 2014 - DMF13

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"Every new technology starts by copying the old technology". Bart De Waele gives his personal opinion on the digital trends for 2014.

Every digital device gets a digital interface: UX design will become an even more important skill.

Be prepared to flip your value chain. Think Digital.

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Digital Trends for 2014 - DMF13

  1. Digital Trends for 2014
  2. Digital Trends Digital Marketing First, #dmf13
  3. My personal opinion...
  4. Listen carefully.
  5. Listen carefully. Personal opinion.
  6. 1. Digital rules
  7. A quiet revolution.
  8. Massive shift from analog to digital ‣ communications ‣ media ‣ technology ‣ ...
  9. Massive shift from analog to digital ‣ communications (chat, mail, skype, blog, twitter) ‣ media (music, video, news) ‣ technology ‣ ...
  10. When you say ‘camera’...
  11. ... do you think ‘analog’ or ‘digital’ ?
  12. Buttons evolve from ‘physical’
  13. Buttons evolve from ‘physical’ to ‘digital’.
  14. Our cars will be next.
  15. Even the washing machines get touchscreens.
  16. Of course, you can push this too far... Smartphone controlled toilet.
  17. UX Design If everything becomes digital, and every device gets a digital interface: UX design will become an even more important skill.
  18. 2. The disappearance of the button
  19. “Every new technology starts by copying the old technology.”
  20. First tv-shows were theatre plays with a camera pointed at them.
  21. Until this.
  22. At first, we need the language of the old technology to understand the new technology. We create metaphors.
  23. - desktop - folders - files - trash - ...
  24. Until this.
  25. Why is the iPad ‘intuitive’?
  26. locus of attention locus of control
  27. ‘What we do’ and ‘what we see’ is in 2 different places. The metaphor of ‘mouse + pointer’ creates small brain friction. We need ‘brain CPU’ just to work with a desktop.
  28. locus of attention locus of control
  29. Tablets with touchscreens remove the metaphor. They remove the ‘brain friction’, and thus feel more intuitive.
  30. UX design is coming of age. It is finding its own language. It is removing the metaphors.
  31. Step 1: copy ‣ physical buttons -> digital buttons ‣ 3d-effects, bevels, drop shadows ‣ skeuomorphism
  32. Copy physical buttons to digital buttons.
  33. Step 2: the visual web ‣ metro style ‣ Pinterest ‣ ...
  34. Step 3: gestures Buttons are being replaced by gestures.
  35. Step 3: gestures
  36. Step 4: what’s next? Boldly going where no man has gone before?
  37. Moving into sciencefiction teritory now...
  38. “The action is the button.”
  39. Wii
  40. Light switch
  41. Bump
  42. Moves app
  43. Parrot headphones
  44. Google Glass
  45. Memoto
  46. Leapmotion
  47. Myo
  48. Muse headband
  49. “The action is the button” ‣ geofences ‣ Kinect ‣ GPS ‣ ...
  50. Moving away from the metaphor.
  51. 450 “horsepower”
  52. 3. We love hardware
  53. Countermovement ‣ everything becomes digital ‣ nostalgia for physical things
  54. We love hardware ‣ past: features are irrelevant, it’s about design ‣ now: design is not important, it’s about features
  55. 4. Sea of data
  56. Data deluge ‣ every channel is digital ‣ every action is digital ‣ everything is recorded
  57. Lapka, personal environment monitor
  58. Lenses with projection.
  59. Camera reads emotion.
  60. Data everywhere ‣ marketeers have ample data ‣ shift from ‘craft’ to ‘data-driven’ ‣ no more ‘gut feelings’
  61. 5. Data at hand
  62. Consumers will have all data ‣ from map to GPS ‣ will be the way of all data ‣ persons, prices, brands, reviews...
  63. Camera reads emotion.
  64. Impact on sales ‣ sales used to be: imbalance in information ‣ customers will be smarter than sales... ‣ what is the role of sales (and marketing)?
  65. 6. Peer 2 peer
  66. If customers are smarter... ‣ outsource marketing? ‣ outsource sales? ‣ outsource production? ‣ outsource customer service? ‣ outsource product development?
  67. Peer 2 Peer everything...
  68. 7. Real time marketing
  69. If customers have all data at hand... ‣ no more campaigning ‣ ‘real time’ marketing ‣ drip marketing
  70. Expect: more profound change.
  71. Not just a faster horse...
  72. Profound changes ‣ not just extra channels ‣ not just ‘better marketing’ ‣ profound societal changes
  73. Be prepared to flip your value chain. Think digital.
  74. Digital Quiz: http://quiz.wijs.be
  75. Questions?
  76. Wijs bvba Voorhavenlaan 31/3 9000 GENT 09 335 22 80 09 330 09 83 http://wijs.be info@wijs.be BE 0473.071.275