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New European News Business Directory

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This business directory lists German & European businesses in Western Canada - BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba - and allows us to promote your business, send inbound links to your site, built a niche community and allows us to share information on industry & trade.

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New European News Business Directory

  1. 1. Business Directory For Germans and Europeans in Canada http://www.europeannews.ca/business-directory/
  2. 2. Why Join the Business Directory? ¡  European News will promote all businesses in our directory and will offer networking opportunities ¡  Your directory listing will include inbound links to your site, which can help drive traffic to your website or help you rank higher in search engines ¡  We will help you build community with other European Businesses in order to offer each other mutual support ¡  We will provide information on industry and trade that will benefit you and your business
  3. 3. How to Join ¡  Visit http://www.europeannews.ca/business-directory/ ¡  Find your specific business or industry ¡  Pay a modest $25 CAD annual fee via PayPal (can also use your credit card) ¡  Let us know what your main calls to action (CTA) are: signing up to their newsletter, trying something free, downloading a report, clicking here to register or buying now etc. and we will ensure to share this CTA via social media
  4. 4. Business Achievements ¡  Network with other Europeans ¡  Provide assistance and support to each other ¡  Share knowledge ¡  Promote European cultures, languages and charitable causes ¡  Find service-providers you need: German-speaking doctors, Italian-speaking lawyers, Polish Care Home, Russian-speaking nannies etc. ¡  Find specific European products you are missing while living in Canada
  5. 5. Some statistics ¡  869.9 million imports/419.88 million exports in British Columbia ¡  Total employment by German companies: 4,631 ¡  600.96 million imports/108.79 exports in Alberta ¡  Total employment by German companies: 5,391 ¡  271.02 million imports/57.84 million exports in Saskatchewan ¡  Total employment by German companies: 824
  6. 6. Call to Action ¡  Visit European News: www.europeannews.ca ¡  Find the Business Directory and sign up: ¡  http://www.europeannews.ca/business- directory/ ¡  Find European News Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ europeannewscanada/ ¡  Contribute a business event to our calendar or job listing for only $25 to our new job board!