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Making Millions - Going Viral - @elkeporter

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Did you ever want to know how to go viral? How can you make millions? There is just one thing you need to do and you can learn all about it in this presentation.

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Making Millions - Going Viral - @elkeporter

  1. 1. Making Millions How to go viral…*
  2. 2. First, something about me • Elke was a Early Childhood Educator for 8 years, after receiving her diploma as a “Special Needs Early Childhood Educator” • *disclaimer; results vary, depending on many hours, days, months and years you will spend implementing my fantastic suggestion
  3. 3. Before we go into that, more about me… • Elke moved to Australia and got a job as a “Authorised Superviser” of a Preschool in a private German School.
  4. 4. We will get to that, but you might want to know… • In Australia, Elke jumped out of an airplane, went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and got an orange belt in Karate – she also travelled around Australia, Germany, England and New Zealand…
  5. 5. But wait, did you know… • Elke moved back to downtown Vancouver and started attending a course in desktop publishing and website design in the days when Dreamweaver was young…
  6. 6. Be patient, answers will come… • Elke spent a few years having her children, but she didn’t let that stop her from running a few different German playgroups downtown, at the St. Mark’s Church and even in her own home.
  7. 7. Yes, millions… but first • Elke started her Nanny/Caregiver Agency called “European InHome Services” and after a few months realized that it was newsletters that she loved doing…
  8. 8. We will talk about going viral, but let’s take a moment… • Elke started a newsletter called “German Voices Vancouver” and after a year, changed the newsletter to “Westcoast German News”.
  9. 9. We are almost there! • Now, Elke has a blog “Westcoast German News” found at www.westcoastgermannews.com. She also started a magazine called “Das Schwarze Brett” found at: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/magazine/1176656 - She writes for the German-speaking community on the west coast of Canada and even the US.
  10. 10. We have pretty much made it… the answer is: • Elke works as a freelance communications consultant and blogger, helping people build websites, build up social media sites and offers digital marketing services.
  11. 11. HIRE ME! – LOL- •604 828 8788
  12. 12. Wrote this for fun. Read many just like it online… • This is an example of what NOT to do – call it clickbait or false advertising or exaggerated claims… • When you offer one thing and provide another, it is bad, but I wanted to try it one time, just to see who would read it and make it all the way to this page • This is an experiment to see if the title alone will make it go viral… please forgive me if you are dissapointed
  13. 13. IF YOU MADE IT TO THIS PAGE, YOU GET A FREE AD ON MY WEBSITE - $5 A MONTH http://www.westcoastgermannews.com/adverti sing/ - links can help you with SEO
  14. 14. Place an ad in “Das Schwarze Brett Magazine” $150 – 1/3 Page $250 – ½ Page $500 – Full Page admin@westcoastger mannews.com/ 604 828 8788