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German Millionaires & Billionaire Give Back - @elkeporter

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If you have some money set aside for charity, what are some German, Swiss or Austrian Clubs, Choirs, Churches or Charities you can donate to?

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German Millionaires & Billionaire Give Back - @elkeporter

  1. 1. German Millionaires & Billionaires & Corporations Sponsor a German* charity, donate to a good German cause, invest in a German- related project, help a German person or support a German organization! *also includes Austrian or Swiss
  2. 2. How can you contribute? Just for your information…
  3. 3. SOS BC Kinderdorf —  http://www.sosbc.org/get-involved/donate- monthly - look after foster children —  You can donate one-time only —  Donate monthly —  Legacy giving —  Corporate Giving —  Visit the Children’s Thrift Store Foundation
  4. 4. St. Mark’s Evangelical Luthern Church —  http://www.stmarkschurch.ca/refugee.html —  Help them sponsor a refugee family of 6 people —  Sponsor the German Children’s Playgroup on Monday mornings —  Support a special project —  Donate to the annual church bazaars held every year in May and December
  5. 5. Martin Luther —  http://www.martinlutherchurchvancouver.com/ calendar-miscellaneous —  Support the various bilingual church programs —  Support the only regular “German Sing Along” that also serves coffee and cake Sat at 5 pm monthly —  Support the “socks for the needy” program —  Support the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya that are in crisis
  6. 6. German Baptist Churches —  http://www.immanuelbc.ca/contact/ - built by German immigrants in 1956 and still has a group that holds events in the German Language —  http://bethanybaptist.bc.ca/home - built by German immigrants in 1936 for German immigrants and then moved out to Richmond —  http://www.rockofhelp.com/our-history/ - Ebezezer Baptist Church started as “Erste Deutsche Baptisten Gemeinde of Vancouver” in 1927
  7. 7. German Schools —  https://www.vwgs.org/about/ - Vancouver Westside German School held at Prince of Wales Secondary in Vancouver —  http://www.surreygermanschool.com - Surrey German Language School held at Kwantlen Park Secondary —  http://germanschoolns.ca - German School North Shore held at Lynmour Elementary School Donate books, German games, German movies, German resources, build an actual school building (yes, millions…)
  8. 8. Nations Warriors Wellness Society —  http://nwws.628productions.ca/board-members/ - Nations Warriors Wellness Society began as a First Nations community basketball team at the Musqueam Nation in 2014 under the leadership of John Sparrow (Musqueam) and Robert Holler (German and Anishinabe). They provide benefits to Indigenous peoples of Canada by promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness —  Donate equipment, materials & facilities
  9. 9. Das Schwarze Brett —  http://www.westcoastgermannews.com/ schwarze_brett/ —  Elke Porter has a blog: Westcoast German News that started out as a monthly newsletter back in 2007. It’s original name was “German Voices Vancouver”, but people felt it was too musical… —  You can sponsor this magazine for $2,000, which gets you the front and back inside covers, a blog post and 3-months full-page ads. Let me know!
  10. 10. Deutscher Platz —  http://www.deutscherplatz.org —  Created in 1986 for Expo ‘86, the German Canadian Heritage Plaza has a Board of Directors, led by Beatrice Schreiber that would like to see the beautiful plaza, found at 29th & Atlin Street, last forever… they held 31 Anniversary Celebrations with the last one being in 2017 (from 1986) —  They are now working with the Vancouver Parks Board with a group of gardening volunteers
  11. 11. German Canadian Care Home —  http://www.gcch.ca/our-donors/gallery-of- projects-supported-by-donations/ —  Honor a unique person by making a donation in their name or a fundraising bequest for a loved one —  Support their major capital campaign for a new building – they issue tax receipts for $10 or more —  Support their Saturday afternoon movie program —  Support something specific – like a garden or art
  12. 12. German Canadian Business Association —  http://www.germancanadianbusiness.com/ —  The objectives of the Association are to establish, maintain & conduct a business & professional association and to promote cultural, business & professional interests —  To further good relations with Canadians —  To support or aid charities, institutions & non-profits —  Additional funds will go to schools or the GCCH…
  13. 13. Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce —  http://www.swisscanadianchamber.com —  The SCCC entertains close contact with the Consulate General of Switzerland —  Their goal is to strengthen business and trade relationships and to establish new business and personal contacts for members —  They also want to build business an networking opportunities between Switzerland & Canada west
  14. 14. MC Fair —  http://www.pwpac.ca/mc-fair-2018/ —  The meeting takes place every year at the Prince of Wales Secondary School —  Formerly Lunar New Year, it was changed to the MC Fair in 2017 —  The German Table typically provides dessert – last year we got it from Andy’s Bakery and this year it will be from Klaus’s Kaffeehaus – 22 Apple Strudl! —  This year Parc Retirement Living is a sponsor, as well as the Westside German School & Klaus’s Kaffeehaus… and the Bel Art Gallery and Westcoast German News
  15. 15. European Festival —  http://www.europeanfestival.ca —  Each participating country has to provide a cultural table at minimum and if they want to get more involved, they can offer food, marketplace products or entertainment —  Each country can also be a “featured nation” – Germany was in 2014 —  Germany needs $451 to participate fully
  16. 16. Schweinsteiger is coming! —  www.goo.gl/BZ2sfd —  Ideally, the German Community will be going to a suite and having dinner together before we watch the exciting match of The Whitecaps playing the July 7th game against Chicago Fire at 7:30 pm —  This dinner, to be held at 5:30 pm, will most likely cost $100 per person and we would like to find a sponsor for the $3,000 it would cost, or at least for half that amount (30 people approx.)
  17. 17. Coastal Ballet and their German Choreographer —  http://www.coastalcityballet.com/about.html —  Irene Schneider studied ballet and dance at the Roleff-King Ballet Academy in Munich in Germany in May 1956. She now works as a freelance choreographer at theatres in Lucerne, Rostock, Kiel, Giessen, Japan, Brazil, Bulgaria and Vancouver, BC —  Every so often, like in 2016, they celebrate her contributions to ballet with a champagne reception. Last time Parc Retirement Living was a sponsor
  18. 18. Swiss Society —  http://www.swiss-society.org —  The Swiss Society likes to network for needy, lonely or sick seniors who would like to get a friendly telephone call and/or visit. —  They have a Outdoors, Club, Seniors Club, Youth Club and a growing Swiss Choir. —  They publish 5 issues of the Swiss Herald a year —  They hold their AGM in March
  19. 19. German Choirs —  http://www.mgv-lyra.com - Lyra Men’s Choir —  http://www.concordiachoir.ca - Concordia Choir Vancouver (mixed choir) —  http://www.swiss-society.org/swiss-choir - Swiss Choir Vancouver —  http://www.avcmelodychoir.com/ AVC_Melody_Choir/Welcome.html - Austria Vancouver Club Melody Choir
  20. 20. Vancouver Alpen Club —  http://vacbc.ca/events/month.calendar/ 2018/02/01/- —  The club still has mini sections, like Klub Erika, a Skat Group, The Alpen Plattlers, Friday dances, Concordia Choir and various concerts… —  They have a restaurant called “Deutsches Haus” —  They are considering a building project in the future, so I’ve heard – not sure exactly
  21. 21. The Alpen Plattlers —  http://www.alpenplattlers.com/Alpen_Plattlers/ About_Us.html —  They are an enthusiastic group who enjoy German Bavarian Schuhplattler dancing —  They are available for private and corporate bookings —  They are looking to start a children’s dance group and they practice Wed at 7:30 pm at the 33rd/ Victoria at the Alpen Club
  22. 22. AFC Festival 2018 —  http://festival.artistsforconservation.org/ programs/art-exhibit —  The Artists for Conservation Festival takes place August 22 to 26th, 2018 —  Artists from all over the world provide programming – special lectures, live painting demonstrations and sales ($500 to $60,000) —  They support Artists for Conservation pays tribute to international artists with awards.
  23. 23. Brought to you by: —  Elke Porter with: —  A. www.westcoastgermannews.com —  B. Das Schwarze Brett Magazine —  C. Teacher at Vancouver Westside German School —  D. Secretary of the German Canadian Business Association —  E. Secretary of the German Canadian Heritage Plaza —  F. German Media Representative Video