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Here Are The Unique And Lively traditions Of A Bengali Marriage

Bengali marriage is distinct because of its unique traditions and celebration appeal. The customs like saat paak offer a fine value and cultural element to the Bengali matrimonial

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Here Are The Unique And Lively traditions Of A Bengali Marriage

  1. 1. Here Are the Unique and Lively Traditions of A Bengali Marriage
  2. 2. Here Are the Unique and Lively Tra The wedding customs in India are determined by the cultural sub sectors that exist here since ages. Every region of India is distinct in it and has nourished a different set of cultural attributes that offer to provide a unique fervor to the society of that region. Bengal is located in the eastern part of India and has its own cultural distinctions that are manifested in the weddings there. Here are the significant marriage traditions of a Bengali marriage. The typical Bengali Hindu wedding offers much of the differences through its customs and unique … Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. Here Are the Unique and Lively Tra traditions when compared to the broader concept followed in the north Indian Hindu weddings. The deep rooted cultural values have been kept alive brilliantly by the generations. Making introduction - A Bengali marriage is arranged by ghotoks who could be the relatives or friends. They act to offer the initial introduction about the two families so that further discussion could be taken up and decision be arrived. When the marriage is finalized then number of customs begin that could be divided into the pre wedding and wedding customs. Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. Here Are the Unique and Lively Tra The pre wedding customs and rituals include the following – Ashirbad –  this  is  concerned  with  accepting  the  relation  between  the  two  families. The elders from the bride and  groom  side  go  to  each  other’s  house  and  shower  their  blessings  on  them.  They  are  offered  the  gold  ornaments  and  other  pleasantries  as  a  mark  of  their  acceptance  as  the  son  in  law  &  daughter in law.  Gaye Holud – this is a custom in which  the 5 – 7 married women on each side  (bride  &  groom)  prepare  the  paste  of  turmeric and other ingredients that is … Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. Here Are the Unique and Lively Tra then  applied  to  the  bride  and  groom.  This  makes  the  skin  brighter  and  glowing.  Also,  this  is  in  fine  synonymy  with  the  similar  customs  in  all  regions  and faiths of India.  Dodhi Mongal –  7  married  ladies  offer  the  customary  bangles  pairs  –  sakha  and  paula  in  red  and  while  colors  and  feed the bride to be with curd and rice.  Then after, bride keeps fast for the day.  The rituals that are taken up at the wedding ceremony are – Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. Here Are the Unique and Lively Tra Saat paak The bride sits on a small stool of wood  that is lifted by the brothers. She takes  seven  rounds  around  the  groom.  The  bride  holds  paan  leaves  that  hide  her  face.  Subh dristhi After the saat paak, the bride is allowed  to  lower  the  paan  leaves  and  she  and  groom behold each other.  Mala badal This is similar to the jaimaal that is an ... Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. Here Are the Unique and Lively Tra iconic tradition of Hindu wedding. The bride and groom offer the flower garlands to each other. Sampradan The father offers her daughter to the groom forever. This is same as the kanyadaan tradition of the north India. Saptpadi  These are the seven sacred vows that the bride and groom both take towards their married life and they accept the allied responsibilities also towards each other. Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. Here Are the Unique and Lively Traditions of A Bengali Marriage Sindoor/vermillion ceremony The bride is offered sindoor by the groom. A new sari is also offered as ghomta. These rituals complete the Bengali Hindu marriage! Page 7 of 8
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