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SEO Tips for Normal People

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting a web page's results in the search engines. Here are some SEO Tips for Normal People that you can use to help focus your SEO efforts.

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SEO Tips for Normal People

  1. 1. SEO Tips for Normal People presented by Christine DeGraff The Social Strategist
  2. 2. Search Engine Optimization Where To Focus SEO Efforts On-Page Off-Site Technical Mobile Social Local
  3. 3. On-Page SEO ➲ ➲ ➲ ➲ Conduct keyword research to find relevant search terms Tell a compelling story including your key search terms Write content for your audience, not for search engines Focus on factors within your control – see #CatalystCTRStudy
  4. 4. Off-Site SEO ➲ ➲ ➲ ➲ Submit your site to the top search engines and directories Seek to attract quality links from websites with high authority; quality content attracts authority links Encourage social sharing by making your content easy to share Build relationships and seek guest posting opportunities on high ranking related sites
  5. 5. Technical SEO Correct technical issues that prevent your site from being indexed by search engines: ➲ Check for broken links ➲ Improve load time ➲ Set up redirects correctly ➲ Etc. Use Google's Webmaster Tools to help identify problem areas.
  6. 6. Mobile SEO ➲ ➲ ● ● ➲ ➲ Responsive Web Design, if possible Mobile-friendly, for sure Readable Usable Remember that load time is critical Search results should land on correct page not redirect to homepage
  7. 7. Social SEO ➲ ➲ ➲ ➲ ➲ Apply same principles of on-page SEO to your social profiles and posts Fill in your profiles completely; use keywords and hashtags; link to your website Understand how to share on Google+ to pass social signals to your website Learn how to set up Google Authorship Included social sharing tools on your website and blog
  8. 8. Local SEO ➲ ➲ ➲ ➲ ➲ Create quality, geo-targeted content and location pages if you have multiple locations If you have a physical location, set-up a Google+ local business page Claim your local business pages on Yellow Pages, Yelp, CitySearch, etc. Make sure your NAP (name/address/phone) is always consistent across the web Add schema.org markup and test it
  9. 9. Ongoing SEO ➲ ➲ ➲ ➲ ➲ Consistently create quality content Keep your sitemap up-to-date Regularly perform an SEO audit to check for technical problems Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to spot areas that need improvement Be aware of new developments and changes within the SEO industry
  10. 10. References and Further Reading How User Intent Impacts Google CTRs by Catalyst #CatalystCTRStudy Social Signals, Your Website, and Google+ by Dustin W. Stout SEO for Normal People: It's Only Getting Easier by Christine DeGraff The Social Strategist by Christine DeGraff
  11. 11. Disclosure I am a participant in a paid influence marketing campaign on Triberr. One of the campaign requirements is to reference a recent Catalyst study about Google click-through rates in a slideshare presentation.