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2015 Nov Annnouncements

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2015 Nov Annnouncements

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2015 Nov Annnouncements

  1. 1. FREELTON UNITED CHURCH And FRIENDS 155 FREELTON ROAD Saturday, NOVEMBER 7, 2015 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. PRODUCE – CRAFTS – BOOKS DELI – BAKE – TABLES LUNCH FROM 11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.
  2. 2. Jesus, Jazz and Hope "The Light Ahead" A pre-Advent journey into passionate hope: dreams that anticipate tomorrow, but also cause today to take on a new dimension with (Gary Paterson, Peter Woods (Sax) and Brian Browne (piano) Tuesday, November 17, 2015 7:30 p.m. Wellington Square United Church, 2121 Caroline Street, Burlington, ON Proceeds go toward re-settlement of Syrian refugees. Tickets $15. in advance $20. at the door Jazztickets@wsquare.ca or Call 905 634-1849
  3. 3. Under the Direction of Donna Dunn-Albert Barton Stone United Church on Sunday, November 29th at 2 pm Tickets $15 available from: the church office 905-385-0800 Peg Turner Jean Bethune
  4. 4. 155 FREELTON ROAD, FREELTON PRESENTS A Very 50’s Christmas And the SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH 2 P.M. Join Frankie and the Fairlanes for an evening of music an laughter guaranteed to transport you to that wonderful Christma of yesteryear when the family gathered to heard the origina holiday favourites TICKET PRICES Adults - $20.00 Children 12 and under $10.00 Children under 5 free ADVANCE TICKETS Wendy 905-659-1346 Linda 289-609-5698 Church Office – 905-659-3380 REFRESHMENTS
  5. 5. St. Andrew’s UC Christmas Music with a "taste" of India. Indian Christmas Concert & Dinner, Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015 St. Andrew's United Church, 479 Upper Paradise Road Featuring Neeraj Prem, Sitar; Bruce Harding, Guitar & Flute; Prem Tewari & Sajan Prem, Tabla. Doors open 5:30 pm. Dinner 6 pm. Tickets $20 in advance; $25 at the door. Children under 10 free.
  6. 6. Resource Centre $5.00 for 1-9 and $4.00 for 10 or more 2016 Calendars now available!
  7. 7. Resource Centre New Books!
  8. 8. Resource Centre •Advent and Christmas Bulletins and Candles are now available. • Please come and see our selection. Resource Centre Hours Tues-Wed-Thurs 10:00am-2:00 pm. Come in and see us.
  9. 9. Please proceed to the sanctuary for the beginning of the meeting. Please choose seats close to the front.