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Summer Camp Brouchure

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Summer Camp Brouchure

  1. 1. 2016 Summer Day Camp Parkview Huntington YMCA May 25th-August 4th Parkview Huntington YMCA 260-359-9622 1160 W 500 N www.huntingtony.org WELCOME! Dear Parents and Campers, Are you ready for the BEST SUMMER EVER? Here at Y camp, we want every child to feel welcome and that they belong to a place where they can be themselves and be apart of something great. This summer will be filled with new and exciting adventures everyday, from traveling through time, getting our hands messy with some science, and playing games like the Olympians! We provide a variety of activities including sports, arts and crafts, swimming, and action packed field trips. Parkview Huntington Family YMCA Summer Day Camp wants every child to achieve personal growth while here. Our staff are enthusiastic about camp and they are excited to begin the fun! Summer is just around the corner, come join us for the BEST SUMMER EVER! Mariah Town Day Camp Coordinator Why Choose Us?  Variety of programs that engage the spirit, mind, and body  We help children learn the importance of health and wellness to improve eating habits and promote physicals activity  Our programs are designed to build character and give children the support they need to become successful adults  Affordable rates with financial assistance
  2. 2. Week/Dates Theme Special Day #1: May 31- June 3rd Time Travel Crazy Sock Day #2: June 6- June 10 Around the World Hat Day #3: June 13- June17 Indiana Adventur e Pajama Day #4: June 20- June24 Guys and Dolls Formal Family Photo Day #5: June 27- July1 Super Heroes Hallowee n Costume Day $6: July 5- July 8 Super Soakin’ Hawaiia n Day #7: July 11- July 15 Mad Scientist Week Twin Day #8: July 18- July 22 Percy Jackson and the Olympian s Favorite Sports Team Day #9: July 25- July 29 Down on the Farm! Dress Like a Farmer Day #10: Sooooo Neon Day Age: Completed Kindergarten through Age 12 Cost Daily Rate: $25 Members $35 Community Weekly Rate: $90 Members $110 Community Time: 6:00am-6:00pm BREAKFAST AND LUNCH INCLUDED EVERYDAY! All campers will receive a cubby to place personal items in throughout the day. Most campers bring backpacks to camp to help contain the following items:  Swimsuit and Towel  Water Bottle  Sunscreen  Bug Spray (Optional)  Athletic Shoes and Appropriate Clothes Registration begins April 1st at the Parkview Huntington Family YMCA front desk or online at www.huntingtony.org *One registration form per child. Payment is due the Friday prior to the week your child will be attending. Payments need to be made to the front desk staff so it can be entered into the computer, or online. A sibling discount is available: $10 off regular price for full time. We offer financial assistance for member and community participants. Aid is There will be an informational parent meeting on Thursday, May 19th from 6-7pm at the YMCA. All parents and campers are invited to hear what camp has in store for this summer, meet the camp counselors, and tour the Y. Afterwards feel free to stick around and ask questions and talk with the staff. We look forward to seeing you, Friendship Accomplishment Belonging Date Trip/Price Leaving/Arriving June 2 Rainbow Lanes June 9 Fort. Wayne Zoo June 16 Camp Crosley? June 23 Movie Theater June 29/30 Tincaps Game/Splash House July 5-8 No Fieldtrip July 14 Science Central July 22 Family Camp OUt July 26 4H Fair/DQ