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  1. Rent a Car Mobile App
  2. Group Members Introduction Waqar Ahmed (BC180400704) Saddam Hussain (BC180406893) Group ID (F2102B474A)
  3. INTRODUCTION OF PROJECT Introduction: Rent a car mobile app is a App for users who want to get a car on rent and enjoy ride a car in convenient way. Need of Rent a Car Mobile App: There are many people who have need of car to fulfill their day to day needs. As there are lots of difficulties for users to rent a car from rental shop but this App helps to all such users to book their car from home online with the help of a mobile. Objective of Rent a Car Mobile App: The goal of project is to automate the car rental system and save the user’s time. Methodology: The database is designed on PHPMYADMIN, the back end is developed in PHP with basic PHP code and the front end is developed in android studio with java code.
  4. Diagram of Process Model
  5. Use Case Diagram
  6. Business Rules Catalog 1. Create a registration page for all users and each user should receive an activation code via email to access the app. 2. User can provide basic personal details for registration. 3. User must upload its national id card to use the app. 4. Create a login page for all users and each user should use app after successfully signing it. 5. Enable social media accounts login facility. 6. Display list of available cars to user in the mobile app view. 7. User can select rent a car with and without Driver option. 8. User will select the desired car for rent and click book now button. 9. Allows users to rent an online car, and performs the transfer using online payment methods. 10. Create a rental form that user will fill at the time of car booking.
  7. Architectural Design
  8. Team Structure Two Members Team Requirement gathering Designing Development Deployment
  9. Project Schedule
  10. Sequence Diagrams Registration
  11. Sequence Diagrams Login
  12. Sequence Diagrams Add or Remove Items
  13. Sequence Diagrams Booking and History
  14. Sequence Diagrams Logout
  15. Logical Model/Class Diagram
  16. Entity-Relationship Diagram
  17. Database Diagram
  18. User Interfaces Start Activity:
  19. User Interfaces Create Account:
  20. User Interfaces Login Activity:
  21. User Interfaces Available Cars:
  22. User Interfaces Add New Car:
  23. User Interfaces Car Details:
  24. User Interfaces Payment Activity:
  25. User Interfaces Navigation View:
  26. User Interfaces Profile:
  27. User Interfaces Booked Cars:
  28. Tools 1. Mysql Database 2. Android Studio 3. Visual Studio Code 4. MS office 5. Power Point