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Brabetz Brochure

View Brabetz Custom Signature Rugs's Brochure and see what designs, colours, shapes, sizes and textures you can choose from

Brabetz customised signature carpets offers timeless masterpieces through quality, craftsmanship & personalised service

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Brabetz Brochure

  1. 1. COLOURS: custom signature rugs ARS 280 ARS 479 & 280 ARS 479 & 500 ARS 08L
  2. 2. Versatility Hand Tufted carpets and rugs offer versatility in design and construction. Almost any design and colour and shape combination can be made into a custom hand tufted carpet or rug. We offer yarns of wool, tincel, viscose, or a blend of these yarns. Using different blends of fibres can give the carpet or rug a very distinct look and feel in your project. Adding as little as 10% viscose in the line work can give the extra look of elegance you desire. The pile construction may be cut pile, loop pile, or a combination of the two. By using different piles, you can add an extra dimension to your design. The finished carpet or rug may have a carved or uncarved surface. By carving the pile of the carpet or rug, designs can be made to stand out and given a three dimensional look and feel. The density of the product can range from 3,5kg’s to 6,5kg’s per square meter depending on your needs, along with thickness and yarn types used. Hand Tufted Hand Tufted carpets and rugs are manufactured using wool, viscose, or a blend of these fibres. The pile construction is cut pile or loop pile, with carved or un-carved surfaces. Hand Tufted carpets and rugs give you the flexibility for a custom design to fit your area. Areas of use are wall to wall installations in ballrooms, lobbies, restaurants or used as rugs in lounges stairs or formal dining rooms.