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Why demand for 2 bhk home is increasing

When there is choice between what is more better between 2BHK and 1BHK, 2BHK is better as it works on simple market principle.

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Why demand for 2 bhk home is increasing

  1. 1. Why Demand For 2BHK Home Is Increasing?
  2. 2.  Family Space: The young generation of present time mostly includes of small families having 3 or 4 members. For small family 2BHK & 3BHK apartments are suitable for their needs. 1 BHK apartment is not enough for a couple planning for baby. Or if their parents to stay with them in the future. The maintenance of big 3BHK home is lesser as compare to 2BHK home. 2BHK home is easy and cost effective to maintain.
  3. 3.  Convenient for Rent: In big cities like Raipur, rents are very high, 2 BHK flats in Raipur are more convenient for rentals. Office going people who are not married are always prefer to stay in nearby area of their office. As it minimize their expenditure. Most of time, they people share their apartments for the distribution of rent money. 2BHK flats or apartments are more affordable through investment point of view.
  4. 4.  Convenient for Rent: Tenants who are having families also have strong preference of 2BHK flat. A 2BHK flat offers a healthy equilibrium between their prime hopes from a home in terms of space and budget availability. A 2BHK is more roomy and comfortable compared to a 1 BHK apartment and a lot more affordable as compared to a 3 BHK.
  5. 5.  Best after retirement : At present, the idea of retirement house has emerged in the India real estate market. Old age people also prefer 2BHK flats after retirement as it is cost-effective for space and affordable too.
  6. 6.  Investment criteria: When there is choice between what is more better between 2BHK and 1BHK, 2BHK is better as it works on simple market principle. “Easy to Purchase”, “Easy to Sell”. 2BHK homes make suitable investment option as the demand and supply cycle in market currently supports 2BHK. For those who are having temporary jobs, or they have to shift from one place to another place, it is easy for them to rent 2BHK rather than go to in for 3BHK.
  7. 7.  Amenities: Now a days most of the real estate developers in Raipur constructing buildings with lifestyle amenities. Amenities like community hall, swimming pools, playground, and more are part of these.
  8. 8. Therefore, after reviewing this heavy demand of 2BHK apartments, most of the real estate developer build 2BHK and 3BHK flats in Raipur with superb facilities. Wallfort Properties has 17+ residential projects in Raipur. If you are looking to buy flats or apartments then you should discover Wallfort Properties residential projects.
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