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7 Daily Action Steps For Results In Your Business

  1. Get Results You Truly Desire in Your Business With These Action Steps Put together by Wale Bello 7 Daily Action Steps For Results In Your Business
  2. • From Lagos State, Nigeria • Married with 3 beautiful kids • Unilag, BSc Insurance • MSc Computer Science, London Met. More about me – A Little About Me____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. • Prospected in cabs, malls, banks, etc. • Frustrating and discouraging • Signed up just 4 people in 6 months Started My MLM Business The Old Fashion Way____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. • Used it to succeed at my business • Designed to teach others • System is globally accessible, easy to use and affordable Started Learning Internet Marketing____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. s + m = SUCCESS “s” stands for simple and “m” for mistakes. • Do your best to keep things simple. • Allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes. • Give yourself the opportunity to Succeed. Get this Concept____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. • Personal Development. • Content Creation. • Post & Share Content. • Develop New Relationships. • Foster Existing Relationships. • Follow Up With Current Prospects. • Daily Gratitude. The 7 Daily Actions____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. 1. Personal Development_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • The most important aspect of business development. • Developing new attributes that allow for new opportunities. • Enables opportunities for success. • Gives you the tools to required to achieve your goals.
  8. 1. Personal Development – How To_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Read / Watch / Listen. • Attend live events. • Surround yourself with individuals that have the success you desire. • Implementation is the Key!
  9. 2. Content Creation_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Which ever platform you utilize bring value. • Do this as your first action after personal development. • Express yourself and let the rest develop. • If you have no content then you have Nothing!
  10. 2. Content Creation – Types of content_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Write a blog. • Record a video. • Post on social media. • Optimize content.
  11. 3. Post and Share Content_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Getting your value in front of people. • The power in sharing and working together. • How to get the most out of your time. • Use the tools that are available.
  12. 4. Develop New Relationship_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Consistent actions yield results ▫ Have a daily goal • Stay focused in conversations • Devote specific time to specific actions • Where do I find people? ▫ Groups, Fan Pages, Friends of friends • What do I say when I do find people? ▫ Start with a courtesy remark. Hi or Hello……, compliments are also great
  13. 4. Develop New Relationships – What do I say when I do find people _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Be yourself • Be of service • Be a person of intention
  14. 5. Foster Existing Relationship_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Continue to communicate with your current circle of influence • Daily activity with genuine interest • Use whatever communication method is most effective for you • Try various styles and see what works
  15. 6. Follow Up With Current Prospects_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Basic 3 steps process ▫ Connect ▫ Send to a simple message (video/webinar/sample) ▫ Follow up and enroll
  16. 7. Daily Gratitude_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Reach out to a specific number of people that you are grateful for. • Connects us with others and allows us to remember how much help we have had. • Provides a sense of wanting to give back.
  17. In all…_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Do what you do with LOVE. • Do what you do with a heart of service. • Don’t give up on your dreams.
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