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Mineralifeonline cholesterolthegoodandthebad (1)

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Mineralifeonline cholesterolthegoodandthebad (1)

  1. 1. Cholesterol: Thegood and the bad Not all cholesterol is equal,nor is it all bad for youCholesterol is essential for your cells to function properly. The two types of cholesterol
  2. 2. that you need to be concerned with are HDL and LDL cholesterol. The former typeis good for you and can be remembered by the fact that H stands for healthy. The LDLcholesterol can be associated with the letter L for lousy, and this will help you toremember that LDL cholesterol is the cholesterol that you need to avoid.Research conducted at Columbia University has revealedthat increased levels of HDL cholesterol can reduce therisk of Alzheimer’s disease by as much as 60%If you want to be healthy, then you need to keep your good cholesterol above sixty andthe bad cholesterol below 100.The research that was conducted at Columbia University included two groups of peopletotaling more than 1100 people. One group of people had HDL levels higher than 65,and this group was 60 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.Your body creates 75% of the cholesterol, and the restcomes from the food that you eatReducing your simple carbohydrate intake will help to raise the good cholesterol.Likewise, stopping smoking will produce the same effect. Instead of eating foods high insaturated fats, rather eat nuts and vegetable oils.Get your day off to a flying start by eating oats. Oats are great for lowering the badcholesterol in your body. Try to minimize your egg-white intake as this will reduce thebad cholesterol considerably. You should rather eat whole eggs to achieve this result.Try to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine asthis will push your HDL cholesterol upIn this way, you can minimize your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Exercisehelps to reduce your total cholesterol and this will help you to avoid contracting heartdisease as well.Chromium plays a number of roles in maintaining cardiovascular health. Numerousstudies have shown that low levels of Chromium are an indicator for heart health issues.Chromium is also involved in the synthesis of cholesteroland fats and may play a rolein cardiovascular health through this mechanism. Chromium supplements may helpmaintain healthy heart function.http://blog.mineralifeonline.com/wordpress/