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Inspiration for IMC: Leslie Schrader, Ketchum

  1. 4 • Engage PR early in the process to help shape the earned opportunity for a holistic campaign • PR best when it amplifies a brand story not marketing assets • Focus on fewer, bigger, better PR priorities vs spreading resources too thin across every campaign • Ensure stream of always-on PR support to fuel share of voice
  2. • Evaluate marketing ideas and help craft a holistic story that allows for earned potential • Create assets and a newsworthy message track that will enable influencers to easily and credibly tell our story • Help build programming to extend earned potential of holistic campaigns • Mitigate reputational risk and anticipate/prepare for communication issues
  3. Public relations is about reputation; the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. Creates conversations to increase share of voice, enhance reputation within a brand’s industry, engage with consumers and, ultimately, generate business results. A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. “PR has ‘moved on from merely being a matchmaker between clients and media, or simply a publicist amplifying a story line, to taking the central role in a new world of earned influence.’” - New York Times, Oct 21, 2014
  4. • YouTube stars outrank celebrity in influence • Blogosphere has grown up and new digital influencer is emerging • Visual storytelling isn’t just for brands – news today is multi-media • Social and mobile allows consumers participation in the news story • Greater appetite to run stories with tension, controversy • Speed to publish > accuracy
  5. Lend Credibility Approve or Endorse a Brand Mobilize Consumer Participation Tell a Brand’s Story
  6.  The first question we ask for all new creative ideas: Is it NEW(S)? Is there a specific newness about the idea/concept or thing we are trying to sell.  NEW(S) checklist: is the concept a FIRST of some sort? news loves FIRSTs and most superlatives – FASTEST, BIGGEST, RECORD BREAKING, MOST EXPENSIVE, etc.  What is the balance in branding vs. entertainment vs. education? Balance talking about the brand/product and making it interesting to the general pop is the challenge for news media. Too much brand and it is purely a paid for play.  Is it ON TREND for pop culture? Is it related to something that is breaking in popular culture or is clearly linked to a craze or fresh consumer behavior  What is the consumer takeaway or CTA? Will it inspire action?  How does this further, promote or protect the brand’s reputation? Does it elevate prestige or present a favorable image to the key target?  Does it speak directly to (or with) the key target demo?  Is it based in a truth? Rooted in a human insight or behavior?  Will it get the target’s attention? Is it surprising or newsworthy to them?  Would the target take the time to share this?  Does it allow for two-way communication from brand to consumer? PR is ultimately a two-way marketing device. 12
  7. Holistic campaigns that drive big PR results share some of the following commonalities: • Simple, unified message that works across the holistic spectrum • Insight-driven • Have a POV and place within pop culture • Tell a brand story across converging paid, earned, shared and owned channels • Inspire a conversation not just copy
  8. Altimeter Consumersexposed tomorethan
  9. One strong narrative should translate across every brand channel Unified Message
  10. Most effective campaigns start with what consumers desire and need rather than pushing the latest features and benefits first
  11. PE SOAdvertising and Paid Media • Content Amplification/Syndication • SEO • • Snackable content • Social-optimized content • Social media share enabling • Websites and Apps • Intranet • Social Media Channels • E-newsletter Traditional and online coverage • Influencer relations and engagement • Events and offline experiences• PROMOTED CONTENT SPONSORED CONTENT EARNED SHARES SOCIAL AMPLIFICATION
  12. It’s conversation, not just copy.
  13. Living with Children Organise your living Small space living FY15 FY16 FY17 Bed & Bath All about Food Room for Living It starts with the Food Room for Living Where good days start Core areas Bedroom & Bathroom Core area Living Room Core area Kitchen © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2013
  14. We have an idealized view of what a typical morning looks like. But from the moment your alarm rings to the second you rush out the door, the truth is that mornings – for the most part – can be hard. Hectic. Stressful. But IKEA can help.
  15. With unique style, calming décor and smart organizational solutions, IKEA can bridge the gap between the moment you hate and the life you love.
  16. We’ll show consumers how IKEA can help them master the first 59 minutes of their day by creating the definitive guide to making the very most out of the first hour of the day.
  17. We will set up the program via a national survey about people’s challenges with mornings Then gather a group of experts, including IKEA, to come up with the best tips and solutions to solve those problems. We will create a landing page as the go-to hub for all of the content And help consumers see where they themselves need the most help to have a better morning Pinterest will serve as our main social support
  18. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE STAGE Inspire Discover Generate awareness and intrigue through content to provoke consumers to learn more Social amplification (paid and organic), PR, Display (desktop and mobile), search, and email communications ENHANCED EXPERIENCE MAP ROLES FOR COMMS. CHANNELS Show the impact of the First 59 and how it establishes the way the rest of the day will transpire First 59 Landing Page Engage Unlock how IKEA has solutions that can help make the First 59 more successful through its products First 59 Landing Page, Social content sources Share Cement IKEA’s role in making the First 59 successful, and provide opportunities for sharing Social channels * *YT channel will be deployed if video content is created **Custom quiz can be taken on media partner property ( and can direct users to relevant IKEA products **
  19. Landing Page Wireframe PR Paid Display Owned Social Influencer Content 1. Share 2. Learn more 3. Seed hashtag 4. Go back to relevant pages (Deeper Product Pages)
  20. Our assets will focus on promoting overall program and driving users to landing page hub • Banners on IKEA website • Banners on Share Space • Inclusion in e-mail communications • Inclusion in mobile/SMS • Inclusion in print/TV Owned • Enhance First :59 messaging within existing activations (Oprah Tour - Ability to promote program on-site; Largetail - utilize current blogging partnership with design bloggers to further extend message; url will be added to print + TV) • Paid Social (Pinterest) • Search (Sitelinks) Paid • Launch & support across all channels (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) • Content planned into editorial calendars • Connect content to time of day • “Preparing” Twitter chat Social • Announcement (press release, media day with panelists) • Wake-up kits to morning show anchors; morning show ambush; custom toolkits for LMSes to replicate locally • Custom pitches to expanded media list • Mom blogger challenge (Mom it Forward) Earned
  21. The program drove strong social and earned results, with substantial engagement across all social channels and earned coverage topping goals. Social Engagement • The program drove strong social engagement across all channels. • On Pinterest, the program drove more than 10,000 engagements and 7.3 million impressions and achieved 142,000 new followers. • On Facebook there were more than 330,000 engagements – an average of 16,500 per week. • Twitter users utilized the hashtag more than 6,000 times and drove more than 111,000 engagements. • The YouTube videos were viewed nearly 50,000 times. • Instagram accounted for more than 15,000 engagements. Earned Media Coverage • There were 225 earned media placements accounting for more than 46MM earned impressions, both surpassing initial goals. • Top placements included “The Moms” on Sirius XM, Ellen, The Stir, and Café Mom.
  22. Media Impressions – 40MM (Awareness) Key Message Inclusion – 75% of coverage to include at least one key message Tone – 100% of coverage to be positive/neutral in tone 100% are positive/neutral 94% includes at least one key message 38.6MM impressions secured across 618 placements; 96% of goal to date
  23. Activities Key Metrics • Alyssa Milano promoted the new designs during interviews with 13 top tier entertainment and lifestyle outlets on launch day. • Interviews along with proactive media outreach, press release and photo distribution have resulted in 615 placements to-date. • Sustained social media promotion of the new line with five additional posts from Alyssa Milano slated until mid-2016. 38.6 Million Total Earned Impressions 618 Total Placements Heard on Launch Day: Earned Engagement and Program Highlights “As a mom, I want to find things that make life easier for other moms. These are pretty but multi-functional. They are soft and cloth-like. You can use them like hand towels. They have many purposes.” - Alyssa Milano to Parent Herald “Viva brand came to me and asked if I wanted to help them in designing a beautiful line of paper towels, and I thought it was a genius idea. – Alyssa Milano to MSN “Milano’s Viva paper towels are not just paper towels. They’re fashionable kitchen couture.” - Bustle “Kimberly-Clark, of course, are the paper product people of all time.” - Sam Rubin, KTLA 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Partnership Announcement Expression of Style Range of Uses Cloth-Like Texture Key Message Inclusion
  24. Click each photo to view online.
  25. • Inclusion in paid media – heavy TV and OLV schedule for the brand • In-store displays Program is an example of how PR can lead the idea, but planning with other channels requires time
  26. CHALLENGE Old El Paso challenged Ketchum to mobilize taco fans and drive sales through awareness of a new product: Cheeseblasted Taco Shells. We had to engage moms who want to become “bold” and taco influencers who frequent the Taco Tuesday conversation. To liven up taco night, Old El Paso and Ketchum created the #Cheeseblasted campaign to bring a bold, cheesy taco experience to consumers. SOLUTION: Winning Over Consumers with Cheesy, Shareable Content Ketchum developed an integrated PESO (paid, earned, shared, owned) media approach to drive awareness, consumer engagement and ultimately purchase across multiple channels. Ketchum secured an earned #Cheeseblasted campaign exclusive multiple national outlets and partnered with Zach King, an influential Vine “magician”, to create highly shareable videos, which was re-vined more than 2,000 times. Ketchum filmed and edited custom cheeseblasted Vine videos of target-right nostalgic items being cheeseblasted; designed, built and launched the cheeseblasted microsite and photo sharing app; and created custom Old El Paso #Cheeseblasted teaser tweets, images and GIFs for hundreds of consumers and select top-tier reporters to drive online engagement and buzz for the campaign in advance of the official launch. For the campaign launch, Ketchum created a cheeseblasted microsite packed with shareable features including a Get #CheeseBlasted photo-sharing app, cheesy branded videos and recipes for the new cheese-blasted taco shell. RESULTS The campaign created such excitement that the product flew off store shelves for weeks post-launch and was a nationwide top-selling item at Walmart. Ultimately, the #Cheeseblasted campaign reached taco fanatics and target consumers alike for 8.34 million PR and social media impressions, 76% of the 11 million impression goal with an entire month left in the campaign. Old El Paso: Old El Paso Gets #Cheeseblasted We are the agency that… started a #CheeseBlasted Revolution… helped Old El Paso increase market share of cheeseblasted taco shells XX percent... made Old El Paso an social namesake through an integrated PESO campaign that helped product fly off the shelves… and an influencer’s hero, bringing thousands of #TacoTuesday Talkers together to become #CheeseBlasted. Partner in Results | Section Three | Everything is better when it’s cheesy

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  1. The definition of our discipline is still being written. It’s changing at unprecedented rates – think about how differently you consume information and content today vs just 5 years ago. As a result, the landscape of influence is quickly evolving so HOW we earn and manage influence is on the same trajectory. It’s particularly true when we apply PR to brand marketing. And that’s what we’ll focus on today – inspiring trends and key learnings on HOW to effectively unleash PR to build brands.
  2. Here’s why we think it’s important to bring earned into the mix. Earned coverage and shared content delivers more credibility and impact on attitudes than many other elements of the marketing mix. While this particular stat is specific to the US, we see this as a common truth for earned globally.
  3. A survey of 1,500 U.S. teens commissioned by Variety in 2013 found that the five most influential figures among Americans aged 13 to 18 are all YouTube stars. The research also determined that YouTube stars score significantly higher than traditional celebrities when considering the characteristics most likely to influence purchases among teens. Blogosphere is far more complex as it matures – ecosystem of review/deal bloggers, storytellers/life bloggers, maker bloggers, topical bloggers; 1:1, networks and agents expands rules of engagement Digital news organizations are hiring a mix of legacy and non-legacy journalists, with a clear emphasis on new storytelling skills. Increasingly, editors of digital natives say they are hiring younger staffers with better digital instincts and skills. “The training of traditional journalism is not perfectly suited to what digital audiences are looking to read.” One area of expansion in 2013 was online news video. Social and mobile developments are doing more than bringing consumers into the process – they are also changing the dynamics of the process itself. New survey data released that half (50%) of social network users share or repost news stories, images or videos while nearly as many (46%) discuss news issues or events on social network sites. Shifts in media landscape have direct impact on the stories told – pressure to drive consumer comments and compete with acceleration of news cycle means need for controversy in stories and sacrifice of accuracy for speed to publish
  4. This is our cheat sheet of questions we ask when developing and evaluating creative ideas for PR.
  5. Consumer access to information greater than ever before – as a result, they are flooded with branded content. It’s hard to be heard.
  6. To break through, brands must be more concise and consistent. The message for your internal audience should be repeatable to an external audience. Employees are key advocates. The stronger the narrative the more it spills over and reinforces other channels. And you need to be able to deliver that narrative in a text or a tweet.
  7. Consumers may receive more than 3,000 branded messages a day but then multiply that by the enormous volume of sharable pop culture content. Culture brokers like Jimmy Fallon and Beyonce are competing for the same mindshare with your consumers.
  8. PESO is the new integrated marketing currency. It enables brands to story tell across the spectrum. For our function, we approach campaign ideas with earned content at the core, but we recognize the huge potential of an idea when communicated across the full paid-earned-shared-owned spectrum.
  9. To earn influence, we have to translate our message in a conversation that influencers will drive for us. Truly integrated campaigns synchronize a branded experience across every consumer touchpoint. For PR that means ensuring the message at the core is equally compelling conversation as it is copy.
  10. 23
  11. Survey: Deploy a national Omnibus survey to identify the most universal and compelling morning fails Identify demographic data points comparing and contrasting morning rituals, habits and routines when it comes to everything from personal grooming to parenting “What is the biggest cause of stress in the mornings?” Leverage data with key national media at program launch Use research to identify “tips and tricks” areas for panel members content Experts: Engage a panel of experts (3) with their own social media platforms to help our target navigate the “First 59.” Panelists will have a mix of expertise in design, parenting, organization, efficiency, organization, etc. A representative from IKEA will serve as part of the panel; additional sample panelists include*: Vera Sweeney, Lady and the Blog Melanie Edwards, ModernMami Timothy Dahl, Charles & Hudson/Built by Kids Panelists will provide content (tips) for the program and promote the program via their social platforms and/or their blogs. Panelists may also participate in IKEA social activations (i.e. Twitter party) during the program. Landing Page: Create a landing page of that houses all of our First :59 content, including: Morning routine tips from our panel National survey result highlights Bed/bath imagery and links to bed and bath pages on Link from quiz partner ( to IKEA IKEA FAMILY sign up Help Consumers: Develop a custom quiz for consumers that relates to their morning routines; results link back to relevant content on our First 59 hub Taps into popular trend Highly shareable via social media Work with an existing media partner ( to create and execute the custom quiz on their property Quiz will live on custom destination exclusively for IKEA Pinterest: Create dedicated First :59 board on IKEA USA Pinterest page Integrate within current Pinterest fans; take advantage of organic traffic and high engagement rates Pinterest content endemic to First :59 Establish a creative/visual template that the IKEA pin team can use to publish panelist tips on the board Cross-pinning to and from our panel and other relevant boards will extend our audience, increase awareness, and encourage user interaction with IKEA tips and imagery Proposed content (Recommended)* 35 Original Tips 3 Blogs per Panelist on Personal Blog (9 Total) 10 Pinterest Posts per Panelist on Personal Board (30 Total) 25 Re-pins from other IKEA boards 1 Twitter Party invite Possible content from “Mom It Forward” Partnership (As Needed) Re-pins from fan boards (As Needed)
  12. Brand objective: Drive penetration of VIVA amongst target in highly undifferentiated category -Borrowed interest and story voice of former star, mom and designer