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Maxim Babichev, VK.com

Unveiling Direct Games

(White Nights Conference St. Petersburg 2017)

The official conference website — http://wnconf.com

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Maxim Babichev, VK.com

  1. 1. Game Platform
  2. 2. Unveiling Direct Games Maksim Babichev, VK.com, Head of Games
  3. 3. 2008 “The most successful games are more ofter created by small and no-name companies. Big ones are more often crash. That is because enthusiasm and faith are incommensurably more important than money and connections. You will be tried to convince in the opposite. But David kills the Goliath. Always.” - Pavel Durov, VK.com ex-CEO and founder
  4. 4. Mobile game platform 2014
  5. 5. 20 7
  6. 6. Direct Games
  7. 7. Direct games is a new milestone in the casual game’s era
  8. 8. In the games catalog in VK’s official mobile apps * coming on Android soon ** iOS will come later Where?
  9. 9. Little amount of games plus free featurings such as New Games, Editors’ choice, and custom selections Traffic
  10. 10. Classic ones: invites, requests, sharing Plus friends’ activity feed Plus leaderboard and sharing to messages Social mechanics
  11. 11. Platform is designed for f2p games In-app purchases via VK votes Money
  12. 12. Small and fast game Plus all social mechanics How to get on board?
  13. 13. May the platform be with you