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Domestic Solar Photovoltaic Installation

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4kW Domestic Solar Photovoltaic Installation

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Domestic Solar Photovoltaic Installation

  1. 1. William Dyer Electrical (UK) LimitedWilliam Dyer Electrical - Solar PV Case StudyWe have an extensive range of case studies to demonstrate our electrical installations for the industrial, commercial and public sectors. Wealso have an extensive Solar PV portfolio for the commercial and domestic market.4kW Domestic Solar Photovoltaic InstallationClient: Ms D AinsworthLocation: RossendaleContractor: William Dyer Electrical UK LtdCompletion Date: June 2011Sector: Renewable EnergyTel: 01706 212 815 | Email: info@wmdyer.co.uk | www.wmdyer.co.uk
  2. 2. William Dyer Electrical (UK) Limited Electrical Energy Efficiency William Dyer Electrical (UK) ltd are one of the UK’s leading electrical energy efficiency contractors. We work with local and national organisations from the industrial, commercial and public sectors and assist all of our clients in becoming more energy efficient. If you are interested in finding out how we can help your organisation: • make significant energy savings • reduce its carbon footprint • reduce utility bills About the project: A domestic retro-fit 4kw solar pv system located in the Rossendale Valley which is in the heart of Lancashire on a true south facing location. The system is installed on a semi-detached bungalow using CNPV Black Beauty panels which give a more aesthetically pleasing finished look. Project Challenges: The project had to meet the clients strict demands of maximum benefits and minimum disturbance. Utilising Schletters fixing system gave us a simple installation. This coupled with the looks of the CNPV panels met our clients demands.Tel: 01706 212 815 | Email: info@wmdyer.co.uk | www.wmdyer.co.uk
  3. 3. Services: William Dyer Electrical (UK) Limited Energy Efficiency Scheme Power Distribution Lighting Installation Emergency Lighting Installation Fire Alarm Installation I decided to go with William Dyer because of their 20 Data/Structured Cabling years experience in the electrical sector and their reputation, which I have to say, exceeded my Access Control Installation expectations throughout the project. Closed Circuit Television Ms D Ainsworth Intruder Alarm Installation Electrical Heating Installation Electrical Maintenance Ventilation Installation Small Power Smart Metering Solar Photovoltaic Installation ✓Tel: 01706 212 815 | Email: info@wmdyer.co.uk | www.wmdyer.co.uk