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246 161sanowslidesharedecktop104-130712153410-phpapp02

  2. 2. THE INSIGHTS YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS ARE HERE, AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Of course, you hate to miss any of it. But, with more than 600 sessions, it’s impossible to see all of the SAPPHIRE NOW conference. So we’ve made it easy on you. Here are the SAPPHIRE NOW Top 10. 2
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  4. 4. TRANSFORM BUSINESS WITH DATABASE AND TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS. > There are more phones on the planet than there are people. The world that you knew 10 years ago does not exist anymore. This isn’t your mother’s 21st century. Today, we live in a world where data doubles every 18 months, and there are more phones on the planet than there are people. As billions leave a trail of data behind them nearly every moment of the day, it’s those companies that can gather their information and make sense of it that will dominate business in the coming years. SAP HANA IS SO MUCH MORE THAN REPLACING A DATABASE. IT’S A GATEWAY TO INSIGHT IN REAL TIME. Steve Lucas, executive vice president, database and technology, at SAP, explains how SAP HANA software technology does just that, bringing together a database, a data warehouse, an analytics solution, and a predictive solution into one comprehensive solution, so you can perform like never before. Lee Ditmar, National Leader, Business Analytics/Data & Tech, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited 4
  5. 5. ACHIEVE BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION WITH BEST-PRACTICE ANALYTICS. Discover how Citigroup and Molson Coors are using analytics to make better decisions in real time. What do a banker and brewer have in common? More than you might think – especially when it comes to the need to get more from their data. PEOPLE WANT ONE SOURCE OF THE TRUTH. Alexandre Papagiannidis Rivet, Global BI Business Partner, Molson Coors Brewing Company Brian Norton, senior vice president, transformation – global anti-money laundering at Citigroup Inc., and Alexandre Papagiannidis Rivet of the Molson Coors Brewing Company share how they are using analytics solutions from SAP, including predictive analytics and SAP HANA, to add greater insight, speed, and agility to their business decisions. 5
  6. 6. DRIVE BUSINESS VALUE USING THE LATEST BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS. SAP HANA IS REALLY ALLOWING US TO BRING OUR INFORMATION TOGETHER. Robert P. Russo, Senior Vice President, CIO, Maidenform Brands Inc. How do you start up, encourage adoption, and get the most from your business intelligence (BI) investment? Hear from those who have been there. BI can help your company make smarter, faster decisions. However, before embarking on implementation, it’s good to hear from people who have gone before you. Watch as leaders from Maidenform Brands Inc., eBay Inc., and LSI Corporation share advice on how to start out, how to speed and sustain adoption, and what’s next for their companies. 6
  7. 7. LEVERAGE THE POWER OF SAP HANA TO BECOME A CUSTOMER-CENTRIC COMPANY. IT IS NO LONGER ENOUGH TO JUST GET CUSTOMERS. THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS TO CREATE FANS AND PROMOTERS WHO WILL GENERATE MORE CUSTOMERS. Nayaki Nayyar, SVP Cloud CRM and Cloud Integration, SAP Put your customer at the heart of your business. The customer journey is taking a new turn. The point of sale is no longer the end of the story. In customer relationship management (CRM), it’s becoming critical for companies to turn their customers into fans – because your fans can help you gain more customers. With SAP’s Nayaki Nayyar moderating, representatives from T-Mobile USA Inc., ASR Group, and Performance Fibers Inc. share how the SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA application is helping their companies woo customers in real time. 7
  8. 8. Gain a better view from the CLOUD 8 7
  9. 9. TRANSFORM WORKFORCE DATA INTO INSIGHT WITH CLOUD WORKFORCE ANALYTICS. I AM AMAZED EVERY DAY AT THE INGENUITY OF OUR CLIENTS. IN FACT, IT ACTUALLY DRIVES A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF OUR CO-INNOVATION. Shawn Price, President of SuccessFactors, SAP Cloud Deliver meaningful, actionable HR insights to the leaders in your business – in a language that they’ll understand. If you’re in HR, you probably have access to more data than you know what to do with. However, if you’re not integrating your HR data with the rest of your business data, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Watch as SAP customer Dawn Pickett, senior consultant HRIS and workforce analytics, shares how Florida Blue uses SuccessFactors to tell a workforce data story that gets leaders in her organization to stand up and listen. 9
  10. 10. INTEGRATE ONPREMISE CORE HUMAN RESOURCES WITH CLOUD-BASED TALENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS. Considering moving your human capital management (HCM) model to the cloud? Hear how Infosys made the journey, step by step. THINK ABOUT YOUR ENVIRONMENT. THINK ABOUT YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE. IT’S EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU KEEP AND FACTOR THAT IN MIND AS YOU’RE PLANNING THESE HYBRID DEPLOYMENTS. Praveen Kaushik, Principal, HCM Consulting, SuccessFactors Capability Lead, Infosys Ltd. You may think your existing HCM model is – and always will be – solidly planted on terra firma. However, the views gained from the cloud can help place your organization head and shoulders above your competition. Praveen Kaushik, SuccessFactors Capability Lead, walks through the journey that Infosys made to the cloud, including the challenges and complexities it encountered along the way to achieving a new level of performance. 10 9
  11. 11. Feel free to go MOBILE 1 71
  12. 12. BUILD A WINNING MOBILE STRATEGY. IT’S ALLOWING OUR PEOPLE TO MAKE DECISIONS ON THE FLY WITH THEIR DEVICES. Ignacio Garcia, Head of Global ERP, Vodafone Group Plc 71% of senior IT leaders see mobile as strategic. 71% of senior IT leaders see mobile as strategic. Yet only 18% have a comprehensive strategy. Source: IDG Research poll 2012 and White Paper, “Mobile in the Enterprise: The Gap Between Expectations and Expertise.” Going mobile can set your workforce on a whole new path of freedom, empowerment, and efficiency. But how do you get there? And what’s the best strategic avenue to take? Niall O’Sullivan, director, Global Finance Transformation Program, at Vodafone Group Plc, offers a road map, sharing his organization’s experience with implementing SAP Mobile Secure solutions. only 18% have a comprehensive strategy. Source: IDG Research poll 2012 and White Paper, “Mobile in the Enterprise: The Gap Between Expectations and Expertise” 12 9
  13. 13. ACCELERATE SCALABLE MOBILE APP ROLLOUTS WITH SAP MOBILE PLATFORM. IS IT SIMPLE? IS IT AS SIMPLE AS BUYING ANGRY BIRDS ON YOUR DEVICE? Tony Kueh, Global Vice President and Head of Product Management, Mobile Division, SAP How to avoid roadblocks and keep your mobile app rolling. Smart companies are looking for mobile app development approaches that meet both current and future needs. And they want the power to deliver enterprise-grade, scalable solutions to both consumers and employees quickly. In this presentation, Jeanne Cotter, vice president and CIO of Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., tells of her company’s rollout journey. Learn about the factors you need to consider, potential roadblocks you need to avoid, and the cutting-edge capabilities you can build into your apps today, including: • • • • Live 3-D visualization Location-based services Augmented reality SAP HANA integration 13 9
  14. 14. CO-INNOVATE WITH MOBILE EXPERTS TO CRAFT CUSTOM APPS FOR A COMPETITIVE EDGE. Build a custom mobile app, and they will come. Why build a custom mobile app instead of using an out-of-the-box solution? Well, it could be that you want a competitive advantage or that you need a solution that’s 100% tailored to your unique business process. That was the case of KIEWIT Corporation. The construction firm wanted an app that would make it easy for employees to receive inventory and document supply. When the pre-built solution from SAP proved to be not quite the right fit, KIEWIT teamed up with SAP to build a custom, game-changing app – building a bridge of innovation and stronger working relationships in turn.
  15. 15. Become more SOCIAL 1 75
  16. 16. TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS NETWORK THROUGH SOCIAL COLLABORATION. Discover how your social network can spark innovation. From diagnoses in outer space to offering consumers a whole new way to decorate their living space, the 3M Company is pushing the envelope of innovation, driven by the power of social collaboration. SAP customer Raj Rao provides an inside look at how 3M is becoming a social enterprise through SAP Jam social software platform. WE WANT TO MEASURE WHAT WORKS IN THE MARKETPLACE. Raj Rao, Vice President Global E-Transformation, 3M
  17. 17. Visit these and all of the other SAPPHIRE NOW presentations at SAPPHIRE NOW On Demand for You