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You're in! Now what?

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Presentation given by Vladimir Becerra and James Mitchell to students of the 2009 IPA Summer School on 07/07/2009.

We just wanna give back :)

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You're in! Now what?

  1. 1. •I learned A LOT. Not only about the industry but also about myself. •Had LOTS of FUN. From fancy dress parties and getting to know the pubs around the office to developing a creative concept for a campaign, meeting clients or recording a video for a planning project. •Worked VERY HARD…If you want to get the best of the program, forget the 9-5! It’s all about commitment. •Got to kwon very interesting people
  2. 2. •To know myself better. Identify the things you are good at and work hard in improving the ones you are not that great at. •To discover the type of job I wanted to pursuit. Beware on this. It’s better to keep an open mentality rather than narrowing your chances. •Good things come for those who wait…By this I’m not suggesting you to stay in the couch waiting for the holly spirit to grant you a miracle. It won’t happen, believe me I tried. •Socializing is key…As long as you stay true to who you are. There’s always people that will be interested in YOU. Keep looking for them. •Keep your eyes & ears open at all times. Listen, Learn and Adapt.
  3. 3. •A JOB •Real understanding of agency life. Bear in mind that each agency works differently. •More Work experience (Placement at other agencies) •A List of contacts •Friends
  4. 4. •If you are new to the industry, read the IPA website. You’ll find all the answers about agencies there (e.g. types, job roles, etc) • Knowledge comes from everywhere even from an excel sheet. Don’t dismiss things because they are not your favorite. •Ask questions. Once you get used to do it, asking will become natural. •Talk to others about your plans… Who knows, maybe a once in lifetime opportunity may be around the corner. •Think One Step Ahead. If you want a job in this industry think of anything you can do now to get where you want to (e.g. ask for feedback, get your CV revised, etc) • Keep yourself informed as to what is happening in the industry. Websites, blogs & Campaign magazine are good sources of information.
  5. 5. Email: vladimir.becerra@hsandpeople.com Mobile: 07515706722
  6. 6. Eight things to think about
  7. 7. 1: 110% percent
  8. 8. 2: Work together
  9. 9. 3: “please sir... I want some more”
  10. 10. 4: Would I show this to Mum?
  11. 11. 5: “Hi, my name is...”
  12. 12. 6: Wanna be startin’ somethin’
  13. 13. 7: Adah Parris = Legend
  14. 14. 8: never never never give up winston churchill
  15. 15. facebook.com/jcmitchell @jamescmitchell