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5 Megatrends That Will Accelerate Your Business

  1. 5 MEGATRENDS That Will Accelerate Your Business From Fashion to Fast Food and Farming to Pharma, Companies are Tuning into Global Business Trends to See Business Accelerate
  2. What are the global shifts that you should be addressing in your business’s 3-5 year plans?
  3. Check out our top 5 megatrends that will deliver growth if addressed at a strategic level.
  4. Big Data Big Data is 2016’s number one megatrend and it can generate immediate results if properly managed. But only a fraction of organisations have the understanding or capability to use this invaluable resource to their advantage. Big data can help companies offer uniquely personalised services to meet growing consumer expectations with targeted products, services and offers.
  5. Data-Driven Cybersecurity New technology shifts such as the Internet of Things can add to businesses’security worries. Data-driven cybersecurity moves away from traditional perimeter-based defences and gives organisations real-time information to help predict and neutralise cybercrime incidents. Many organisations are also taking a collaborative approach, sharing actionable information from industry peers to improve cybercrime threat awareness.
  6. Innovating Products and Services Through Collaboration Collaboration and partnership to support innovation is another megatrend that successful organisations are embracing. Strong networks of third parties like external experts, suppliers, consultants and specialist sales teams are leading to reductions in innovation failure rates, particularly at the all-important early stages.
  7. Smart Payments Digital-age customers want to use convenient digital-age methods to pay for products and services, and organisations must be ready to accommodate these demands. Smartphones have been become virtual wallets with driving licences, ID cards, credit cards and even cash being digitised. Services are already routinely paid for in real-time with one-click money transfers.
  8. AffordableTechnologies These advances are made as the cost of new technology falls and are no longer confined to wealthy individuals or developed economies. Mobile phone networks have transformed life in sub-Saharan Africa, for example. It takes less time than ever to get new technology from breakthrough to mass market where it’s usually instantly affordable.
  9. These 5 megatrends are accelerating business growth and transforming lives around the world.
  10. Takeaways: The four key aspects of the digital era are: social, mobile, analytics and cloud Digital-age consumers expect real-time tailor made services and products Only a fraction of organisations harness the power of Big Data Collaboration reduces failure rates in innovation More consumers are using their smartphones as ‘virtual wallets’
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