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General and Applied Economics

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General and Applied Economics

  1. 1. Research Work:Condition and Development trendsDepartment of General andApplied Economicswww.vyatsu.ru
  2. 2. The department was founded in 2011 as aresult of the Faculty reorganization.Currently, there are 12 regular lecturers atthe Department, among them 1 Doctor ofSciences and 6 PhD’s.History of the Department
  3. 3. 1. Methodology of food market management in theregion development .Supervisor: Doctor Loginov D.A.2. The modernization of the regional economy on thebasis of cluster development.Supervisor: PhD Suvorova L.A.3. Trends research in the socio-economic system of theregionSupervisor: PhD Grabar A.A.4. Modern problems of educationAreas of research work
  4. 4. Research work results- 2 monographs;- 5 articles in journals, 4 of them in peer-reviewed journals;- Опубликовано 66 theses in the collections of scientific andpractical conferences;- Application for the grant of RFFR- Application for the intramural grant;- Student Scientific Conference;- 2 Student Academic competitions.Email: kaf_ope@vyatsu.ru
  5. 5. Faculty research work results- For the last 20 years were defended 24 PhD’s and 6 Doctoraldissertations;- Produced more than 40 books and published more than 100scientific articles in publishing peer-reviewed journals;- Faculty members were involved in the development of morethan 20 research projects commissioned by both publicauthorities and commercial structures;- Annual participation in all major national and internationalconferences.