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Economy of spain and europe

  1. T he economy of Spain and Europe
  2. T he primary sector in Spain and Europe  The primary sector includes jobs which resources from nature. The main activities from this sector are: ● Agriculture ● Livestock farming ● Fishing  In Spain, 6 out of every 100 people work in this sector.  In Europe, 4 out of every 100 people work in this sector.
  3. Agriculture In Europe, agriculture is the most important activity in the primary sector. There are two large agricultural areas:  The Great European Plain and Russia. This is a very fertile area. The main crops are cereals, such as wheat and barley, and potatoes and beets.  The Mediterranean region. This area produces: - dry crops, such as wheat, grapes and olives. - irrigated crops, such as fruit and vegetables. crops: cultivos barley: cebada wheat: trigo beet: remolacha Dry crops (wheat) Irrigated crops
  4. Livestock farming In Spain, pig farming is the most common type of livestock farming. In Europe, livestock farming is the second most important activity in the primary sector. It can be:  Intensive livestock farming: it’s common in northern and central Europe. It includes cattle, sheep and pig farming.  Extensive livestock farming: it’s common in the Mediterranean region. It mainly includes cattle and sheep farming. livestock farming: ganadería cattle: reses (vacas, toros) Intensive livestock farming Extensive livestock farming
  5. Fishing Spain is the third largest fishing power in the world. The countries with the most modern fishing fleets are:  Russia  Norway  Iceland  Denmark  United Kingdom Fishing fleets: flotas pesqueras
  6. Now it’s your turn. ☻ What are the main types of crops in Spain? ☻ Copy and complete the table about primary sector activities in Europe. areas resources agriculture Livestock farming
  7. T he secondary sector in Spain and Europe  The secondary sector includes jobs which raw materials into manufactured products.  In Spain, 22 out of every 100 people work in the secondary sector.  In Europe, 27 out of every 100 people work in this sector. raw materials: materias primas manufactured products: productos elaborados
  8. Industry Europe is one of the most industrialized continents in the world. There are three main industries:  Heavy industry: it makes products which are used by other industries.  The Machinery and equipment industry: it makes machines, tools, vehicles, etc.  The consumer goods industry: it makes products that go directly to consumers. heavy industry: industria de base machinery and equipment industry: industria de bienes de equipo consumer goods industry: industria de uso y consumo Heavy industry
  9. Map of the secondary sector in Europe
  10. Now it’s your turn. ☻ Look at the map and answer: - Which types of industries are represented in the map? - Where are the main industries areas of Europe? - What are the main industries in Spain? ☻ Using the map, name two countries with... - Food industry. - Electronic industry. - Pharmaceutical industry.