orientation jaw relation saddle pontic tooth preparation side plane relation in cd buccal corridor for cd masticatory needs of cd posterior teeth selection conical pontic ovate pontic modified saddle pontic true pontic unconventional fpd conventional fpd fiber reinforced fpd fixed-fixed fpd fixed removable fpd complex fpd simple fpd endodontics for overdenture implant-supported overdenture tooth-supported overdenture ridge resorption overdenture preventive prosthodontics aesthetic plane of occlusion campers plane fow plane frankfurt plane reids base line maxilla to cranial base face-bow record mucocompressive impression non pressures impression selective pressure techniques for cd impression theories of cd impression impression procedure for cd denture for socially active transitional denture immediate aesthetic replacemen immediate overdenture immediate denture classifications for cd patient cd patients requirements treatment planning for cd treatment planning of fpd diagnosis related to fpd classification of fpd horizontal jaw relation vertical jaw relation non-arcon articulator arcon articulator fully adjustable non-adjustabile semi adjustible smile classification dominance lip length smile zone aesthetic teeth selection abutment abutment selection pontic tissue response frc pontic frc bridge modified ridgelap ridge lap hygienic pontic perel pontic pontics in fpd pontics pontics types fpd classification connectors pontics retainers types of fpd fpd components retentionresistancedurability
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