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ManageArtworks is a Cloud based Packaging Artwork Management and Labeling Software which helps Pharma, Food and Cosmetic companies gain a competitive edge.

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  1. 1. www.manageartworks.com V2.1/03/10/2015 Product Labeling - Get it Right First time
  2. 2. www.manageartworks.com What is Product Labeling and Artwork?
  3. 3. www.manageartworks.com • Pharmaceutical • Bio-Tech • Medical Devices • Nutraceuticals • Pet care • Food • Beverages • Personal Care • Cosmetics Who uses Product Labeling?
  4. 4. www.manageartworks.com Stakeholders involved in creating labels
  5. 5. www.manageartworks.com What is the Problem? • 50% of all product launches are delayed due to Packaging Artwork delays (loss of revenue) • 40% of all Food product recalls are due to Packaging Labeling issues (loss of revenue + brand reputation) • 35% of all Drug recalls are due to Packaging Labeling errors and omissions (loss of revenue + brand reputation) • 22% of all Packaging write-offs are due to Artwork errors (increase in cost) Source: Existing Customers/ Prospects, FDA, http://supplychaininsights.com/packaging-artwork-an-important-value-chain-process/
  6. 6. www.manageartworks.com Source of Problem Continuous growth in number of SKUs (20%) Complexity in Product Portfolios Different languages. Compliance Regulations change frequently in each market Global Marketing No insight into existing stock before label changes. Wrong version sent to print. Packaging Write-offs Only 40% of the artwork management process is done in-house. Involves 6-9 internal stakeholders and 2-3 external agencies Collaborative Exercise Number of people handling artworks has increased 3 folds; Hence artwork approval time has increased by 30% Increasing Approval Time Use of ERP or PLM for managing artworks has proved to be a failure No Viable Alternative Source: Existing Customer/ Prospects, FDA, http://supplychaininsights.com/packaging-artwork-an-important-value-chain-process/
  7. 7. www.manageartworks.com A central web based platform for all packaging artworks, source files, specification files, key lines and briefs so internal staff, design teams and printers can proof-read, collaborate Packaging Label/ Artwork Management Software approve and share the correct material every time What is ManageArtworks? A way to manage, review, proof read and archive packaging labels/ artworks from one central hub
  8. 8. www.manageartworks.com What problems will ManageArtworks solve? Compliance and Branding consistency is a key driver of sustainable differentiation, sales and brand value Revenue gain due to on time delivery. No loss due to write-offs Consistently faster to market with error free compliant artworks Improve compliance to internal and regulatory agencies  Artworks and related files are scattered in multiple locations  Wrong versions sent for printing, leading to write-offs  Manual proofing is error prone, inconsistent and not scalable  Email or hard-copy approval requires constant follow-ups
  9. 9. Upload Keyline Upload Artwork Packaging Design Initiate Request Artwork Approval Multi-Departments Artwork Approval QAPrinter Upload Print ProofPrint Proof Approval Multi-Departments Release for Production  Checklists  Barcode check  Braille check  Color Separation  Layers Separation  Font check  Dimension check  Pixel Compare  Text Compare Multi-Departments Artwork Process
  10. 10. www.manageartworks.com Benefits
  11. 11. www.manageartworks.com Global References
  12. 12. www.manageartworks.com Get in Touch US Tel: (609) 436 9249 India Tel: +91- 95512 90717 +91- 72999 62646 sales@manageartworks.com