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  1. • Radiation • Mobile phones are more dangerous than smoking • Cell Phone Radiation Changes Brain Metabolism • Latest solution to reduce radiation effects
  2. 1. Non ionizing a. Non-Thermal i. Extremely low frequency ii. Radio b. Thermal i. Microwave ii. Radio 2. Ionizing a. Ultraviolet b. X-ray c. Gamma rays
  3. Radiations cause effects. Some of the effects are 1. Difficulty in concentration, fatigue, and headache. 2. Disturbed digestive system. 4. Increased resting blood pressure. 5. Reduced the production of melatonin. 6. DNA strand breaks 7.A 43 % higher risk of breast cancer in women
  4. • Mobile phones normally operate within the frequency band of 800 MHz – 1800 MHz • Computers and laptops operate within the frequency range of 1000 MHz – 3600MHz. • increased stress levels, the Pulse Rate of a person increases • Radiation harmonizer chip , • Synergy Environics Ltd 
  5. • It is a passive device, which operates at frequencies between 500 – 600 THz • It changes nature of radiation • Generates random waves • Decreases pulse rates of the people, if higher than normal,
  6. The use of “ENVIRO Chip” reduces the stress level in the human body, prevents loss of immunity and takes care of the non-thermal effects of Microwave radiation from mobile phones, computers and other similar devices.
  7. http://www.envirochip.co.in/ • http://www.environics.co.in/radiations.html • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiation • https://www.facebook.com/envirochip • http://www.sgha.net/articles/radiation.html
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