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#Transformer: The Age of #ElasticSearch

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Inspired by the powerful #transforming features of #robots fromthe #Transformers #Series, #VietnamWorks has a #desire to #improve the #features of #search #function on our website. We want to give more #power to our #search function so it could adapt quickly, be flexible and transformable with users'keywords. We did it to ensure our #users could #experience a better search and real-time job posting. Our #transformable #search is officially #onlive #TODAY. #visit our #website at www.vietnamworks.com now to experience "the age of #elasticsearch"

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#Transformer: The Age of #ElasticSearch

  2. 2. At the beginning This is me
  3. 3. Now I return
  4. 4. ElasticSearch With More power from
  5. 5. ElasticSearchWhat Is IT Flexible and Powerful Search Engine on www.vietnamworks.com
  6. 6. Top 5 Most-Used Search Software IN GLOBAL Source: PredictiveAnalyticToday.com ELASTICSEARCH
  8. 8. X10 times Over 10 times faster than old version FASTER
  9. 9. INCREASE ACCURACY Highly Reliable and Accurate Results STRONGER
  10. 10. Real-time is the only time Jobs available for searching IMMEDIATELY once posted on website REAL-TIME data
  11. 11. Scalable SEARCH Flexible Keywords Searching like Google Flexible
  12. 12. MINIMUM Error to 0.01% SEARCH ERROR
  13. 13. It’s a combination of Speed accuracy&
  14. 14. THE perfectPROVIDES JOB matching
  15. 15. More relevant jobs for jobseekers More qualified candidates for employers
  16. 16. vietnamworks Now available on
  17. 17. http://blogs.vietnamworks.com