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VideoGenie Overview

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An overview of the VideoGenie platform

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VideoGenie Overview

  1. 1. Company Overview Finalist 2010 Presenter 2010 Founded at Stanford University Winner 2010 Investors include Eric Schmidt & Blumberg Capital Winner 2010 Offices in San Francisco 1 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  2. 2. Who Uses VideoGenie Fashion Beauty & Health CPG Retail Business Services Entertainment Consumer Services Other 2 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  3. 3. The Conversation People Are Talking About Your Brand 3 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  4. 4. The Impact These Conversations Are More Powerful Than Your Ads Your Advertising Earned Media 92% of consumers trust earned media above all other forms of advertising 4 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  5. 5. The Deciding Factor To Remain Relevant You Must Collect Solicit Generate existing earned media content across all digital channels content from your customers in all the locations where they interact premium content from professionals across the globe 5 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  6. 6. Bud Light: Online Auditions Fans audition to be a Super Bowl Correspondent Create interactive contests and secure original and authentic content Enable voting, liking, and ratings to drive more sharing 6 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  7. 7. Shutterfly: Product Reviews Shutterfly customers share the story behind their photobooks Let your customers showcase what they love about your product, service and company through video reviews, star ratings, and text. 7 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  8. 8. Covergirl: What’s your beauty tip? Readers submit their video tips and style guide Empower your customers to create useful content featuring your product or around your topics 8 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  9. 9. The Deciding Factor To Remain Relevant You Must Collect Solicit Generate existing earned media content across all digital channels content from your customers in all the locations where they interact premium content from professionals across the globe 9 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  10. 10. How VideoGenie Works Collect existing content Solicit Generate new conversations new content Moderation Optimization & Amplification Owned Earned Paid 10 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  11. 11. Solicit New Conversations Essential Components of Success Needs to be everywhere Ads Mobile Social Websites Customers won’t just come to you It needs to be single-click simple Mobile Social Websites Any friction, and customers won’t participate 11 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  12. 12. VideoGenie’s Recorder Process Collect Content Everywhere Website & Facebook Microsite Application Mobile Owned Facebook Newsfeed Earned Banner Ads Facebook Promoted Posts Paid 12 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  13. 13. The VideoGenie SocialBox Make your Facebook posts interactive and engaging Post content to Facebook Fans watch content Fans create content 13 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  14. 14. The VideoGenie SoapBox Interactive rich-media ads 14 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  15. 15. The VideoGenie SoapBox Interactive rich-media ads 15 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  16. 16. VideoGenie’s Recorder Process The Simplest Way to Collect Content Time constraints keep shortform content usable Inline customer support boosts participation Specific prompts keep users on topic Self-review process boosts content quality Additional Features §  Contribute content by webcam, upload, mobile device, or email §  In-browser mobile recording §  Terms of service for ownership of all content submitted §  Instant sharing ability 16 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  17. 17. In-Browser Mobile Recording No application or download required 17 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  18. 18. Streamlined Moderation Only Brand-safe Videos Displayed Approve Social gaming encourages sharing Visitors see their friend’s videos on your site Disapprove Automated emails help the customer improve their video Customers re-record their video 18 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  19. 19. Optimization & Amplification Data-driven Display VideoGenie’s Proprietary Algorithm Distributes Videos Based on Performance Metrics 1 Shares 2 3 0 1,254 756 531 Sign-ups 0 740 298 916 Votes 0 980 1,146 980 Completion 0 480 988 674 19 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  20. 20. In-Browser Mobile Recording No application or download required Standard Gallery Micro-Gallery Micro-Gallery Highlight Reel Masonry Gallery Montage Player The Side Bar 20 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  21. 21. Generate New Content The VideoGenie Network §  Tap into the network that has created over 50k videos to date §  Find your target demographic for each project §  Guarantee participation in each campaign 21 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002
  22. 22. Proven Results with Top Brands 10x 30% 96 ROI conversion lift new visitors per share 15x 88% 3 min engagement share rate avg view time “The best UGC campaign that Bud Light has ever run!” 22 www.videogenie.com │ sales@videogenie.com │1.877.643.9002