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(408) 644-4051
OOBJECTIVEBJECTIVE:: Technical Support / IT Help Desk
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2005 – 2007 AUDATEX (Formerly ADP Claims services division) San Ramon, CA
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VictorNava_resume - updated

  1. 1. VVICTORICTOR NNAVAAVA (408) 644-4051 Mount_tv@yahoo.com OOBJECTIVEBJECTIVE:: Technical Support / IT Help Desk PPROFESSIONALROFESSIONAL SSUMMARYUMMARY:: 10+ years progressive experience, Customer Service, Technical and Desktop support10+ years progressive experience, Customer Service, Technical and Desktop support 11 years in supporting Enterprise Sybase SQL software/applications 3 years supporting Macintosh software OS 6 & 7 Call tracking systems: Remedy, 4th Dimension, IBM AS400, FoxPro and FileMaker Pro Network/Management protocols knowledge TCP/IP, DHCP, SNMP, and SPX/IPX Bi-lingual, fluent in Spanish PPROFESSIONALROFESSIONAL EEXPERIENCEXPERIENCE:: 2009–Present Self Employed San Jose, CA IT Consultant-Contractor-Computer Repair Technician Provide on-site help desk support to troubleshoot and resolve Microsoft network configurations. Fix and repair hardware and various software applications for desktop/laptop computers in a network environment. • Remote and on-site support, customized computer builds-repair, network office computers, Ethernet Cat-5e & 6 data crimping/wiring, network-hardware upgrades, install and upgrade enterprise software, server maintenance, computer network troubleshooting for LAN/WAN environment/configuration. Email account setups (MS Outlook Exchange, etc.), Remote Access/VPN, and Backup/Data Recovery. Android tablet configurations for Dental X-ray imaging. • Troubleshoot and resolve customer’s issues on-site or using remote access software WebEx & LogMeIn, involving various intricate multi-user software programs, vendor hardware laptops/desktops, operating systems, relational databases, and network diagnostic issues for platforms in a Windows OS environment and email support based products. • Client-server multi-user applications include anywhere from Accounting, Real Estate, Dental/Orthodontic and retail automotive-body shop claim estimating software. 2012–2013 The GDR Group (Temp-Contractor) San Jose, CA Help Desk Technician Contract work Help Desk Technician for The GDR Group based out of Irvine Ca, September 2012 to March 2013. • Assigned to work with the IT migration group at the Broadcom facilities in Sunnyvale and San Jose CA to upgrade-install-setup-troubleshoot and migrate Dell XP systems to Windows 7 Broadcom image successfully. Restore systems back onto Broadcom domain, resetting passwords, creating new users on domain network. Configuration of email accounts for MS Outlook 2007, 2010, Apple IPhone, Blackberry, and Android cell phones. • System pickup, delivery, installing, reconnecting and configuring at the end-users to ensure successful migration of Win 7 OS and all of the end-users applications, remote access/VPN and network connections. Documented all end-user requests and interactions in Remedy ticketing system. 2008–2009 ADP (Payroll services division) Milpitas, CA Technical Support Representative Provide technical phone support on ADP's enterprise payroll management software for employers of small, medium, and large businesses covering the United States. . • Troubleshoot processing client payrolls via telephone, remote access (Web-Ex), fax or electronic worksheet with a high degree of accuracy within established time frames. Utilized a basic awareness of wage, labor laws and special ADP payroll features. Accurate and efficiently documented client payroll problems/issues utilizing the Clarify and Enterprise call tracking systems. • Chosen to partake in special taskforce group to pro-actively call clients and ensure vital software upgrades to be initiated and successfully installed. Assist PSRs (Payroll Specialist Representative) within the team as needed in handling technical related problematic calls.
  2. 2. VVICTORICTOR NNAVAAVA (Continued) Page Two 2005 – 2007 AUDATEX (Formerly ADP Claims services division) San Ramon, CA Senior Technical Support Representative 1996 – 2005 ADP (Automatic Data Processing Claims services division) San Ramon, CA Senior Technical Support Representative Bi-lingual technical support on ADP’s automotive insurance and bodyshop estimating claims services Sybase SQL software based programs for areas covering the U.S., South America, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. • Troubleshoot, resolved, and documented various intricate claim estimating software programs and vendor hardware, laptop/desktops PC's, on-site and also using remote access software (PCAnywhere, Remote Access, Logmein, etc.) in ADP’s call center. The troubleshooting arena was Windows, DOS, Novell, SNMP, TCP/IP, DHCP, SPX/IPX, Sybase SQL, e-mails, web-form, and LAN/WAN support network environment. • Delivery of complex technical information into terms and concepts that end users can readily grasp. Hands-on approaches in working cross-functionally with Engineering, QA, IT Operations and other internal teams to identify and resolve customer issues/problems. • Desktop support: Re-image, (using Ghost imaging software) install and configure Windows operating systems (Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP) on in-house PC’s for alpha/beta software testing in the technical support department. • Technical documentation development, revision and implementation of Spanish install guides and adding troubleshooting techniques and procedures to the FAQ’s and technical troubleshooting knowledgebase. • Supervised, trained and assisted in the development of coworkers to resolve escalated technical and customer service related issues. Assisted DBD in alpha/beta testing of new and updated software for QA final production releases. 1993–1996 GLOBAL VILLAGE COMMUNICATIONS Santa Clara, CA Technical Support Representative • Responsible for providing Bi-lingual technical support on Global Village’s Teleport, Global Fax and One World software products for online Internet, terminal emulation and network modem devices in a Macintosh network operating systems platform 6 & 7. • Supervised and assisted in resolving escalated technical issues. Implemented technical training courses for existing and new recruits. TTECHNICALECHNICAL:: Topologies/Protocols: Ethernet, Token Ring, Peer to Peer, TCP/IP, DHCP, IPX/SPX, SNMP, SMTP, POP3, NetBIOS Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista/Windows 98/Me/NT 4.0 Server/Workstation, Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server Small Business/Workstation and XP NetWare 3.x/4.x/5.x/MS-DOS 6.22. Mac OS 6/7. Software: LAN administration - IIS, Veritas Backup Exec for NT Databases: SQL Anywhere 5.0, Sybase SQL Office applications And Call Tracking Databases: MS Office 97 to 2007, Symantec Ghost, Remedy, 4th Dimension, IBM AS400, Claris Works, FoxPro and Filemaker Pro Antivirus: Norton Anti-Virus/Internet Security, McAfee, Trend Micro, Zone Alarm, AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials, E-mail: Outlook XP/2000, 2003, 2007/2010, Outlook Express Internet browsers: IE 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, Netscape Communicator 7.x, Mozilla Firefox, Avant Browser, Google Chrome Remote access programs: PCAnywhere, Carbon Copy, LogMein, Web-Ex Hardware: Routers and hubs: DLINK, LINKSYS, NETGEAR, CISCO, Hawking Desktops and laptops: HP, Compaq, DELL, IBM, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony Vaio, etc. Printers/Scanners: Desk Jet, inkjet, multi-function and label printers - HP; Lexmark; Epson; Canon; Seiko & Dymo EEDUCATIONDUCATION:: Mt Pleasant High School, San Jose City College, San Jose, CA LANGUAGESLANGUAGES:: Fluent in Spanish, Bi-lingual English-Spanish