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Vic Styers Resume

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Vic Styers Resume

  1. 1. Vic D. Styers 14546 CR 2165D Henderson, TX 75652 CELL# 903-658-2395 E-Mail: vic_styers@outlook.com _____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ SUMMARY Over 34 years’ experience in the petro-chemical industry as an established TeamLead, Emergency Responder, Pipefitter, Foreman, Well Service and Completion Rig, Lease Operator, and Plant Operator. More than 30 years of service as a leader in personnel safety. Strong interpersonal and communication skills in combination with hard work and determination have been the cornerstone of completing quality work, safely, and on time. Skill set includes:  Proven leadership and organizational skills  Strong focus on plant safety  Excellent time and finance management skills  Ability to interact effectively with management, project teams, engineers, and contractors  Effective verbal and written communication skills  A troubleshooter with ability to meet challenging goals and objectives  Proficient with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Projects, and SAP I will bringtothe companythat I go to work for the knowledge andexperience Ihave gainedoverthe last40 years. Iwill be an assetto yourcompany.
  2. 2. WORK EXPERIENCE Capital Planner TurnerIndustriesGroup Longview,TX May 2014- Present Planand Estimate JobsforWestlake Chemical insidethe EastmanSite. Work withWestlake Engineerstoaccomplishcompletionof jobestimatingmaterialandMan Hours. Buildschedulestoshowstepsfora day to day plan. Utilize MicrosoftEXXEL,andWord. As well asthe Internet. Team Lead - Non Routine Maintenance Shell Oil DeerPark,Texas 2008 - 2013  Functionsasprojectmanagerfor the specificNSEactivities  Develops+/- 10% projectcostestimates  Developsandcommunicatesthe safetyplanforhigh-riskactivities  Facilitatesexecutionof eventandconductscommunication/statusmeetingsduringexecution  Tracks the executionandcostfor the durationof each project  Keyaccomplishmentsinclude:  Managementof multiple >$1M projectssimultaneously  Managed small unitoutages Maintenance Hourly Back Up Foreman 2002 - 2010  Assigndailyworkassignmentstofieldpersonnel  Plan,Coordinate,andexecutesmall outages  FieldCoordinatorforTurnaroundsandOutages  SafetyCoordinatorforTurnaroundsandOutages Craftsman - Pipefitter 1992 - 2010 Operator 1989 - 1992  Work as an outside operatorforSouth EnvironmentalTreaters  Monitorand troubleshootequipmentinthe field Other Related Experience Pipeline Operator, EdwardsCountyGas Gathering,RockSprings,Texas
  3. 3. 1987 - 1989  Oversawall the wellsandmetersonthe pipeline  Oversawall the repairsandmaintenance  Personally responsible forensuringthatall compressorswere online  Documentedandcompletedall paperworkwasdone inatimelymanner Lease Operator, JW Operating,Kilgore,Texas 1985 - 1987  Responsible foroperatingandmaintainingCompressorsandWells  Auditedperformance of Compressorsanddocumented Lease Operator, PetroLewis,Longview,Texas 1981 - 1985  Operatedandmaintainedthe WaterFloodsystemonthe northside of Lake of the Pines  OperatedandmaintainedPumpingwells Derrick Hand, Circle MWell Service,Kilgore,Texas 1978 - 1981  Workedon well completionandwellservices  Workedas a drillerandfloorhandwhenneeded Hull Technician, U. S. Navy 1973 - 1978  Performedweldrepairsandfabricationonboardthe USS McCard  PerformedPipe andplumbingrepairsonboardthe USS McCard  Responsible forEmergencyResponse dutiesandequipment  ReceivedHonorableDischarge EDUCATION Texas A&M 10 yearsof Industrial Fire Training,IncidentCommand,Strategy&Tactics,PumperOperation TTCI EmergencyResponse Training Center, Pueblo,Colorado HAZ-MAT HighwayTransportationSpecialistTraining OdessaJunior College, Odessa,Texas Certificate DegreeforHSSE Zephyr High School, Zephyr,Texas Graduated1973 REFERENCES Larry Shirley
  4. 4. 7418 Ulysses Baytown,Texas77521 Phone:832-414-3054 Brian Hoover 22103 Ancia Crosby,Texas77532 Phone:832-473-3242 Donny Greer 6633 Ave.V Santa Fe,Texas,77510 Phone:281-352-9463 Tim Rickelman Phone:903-283-6570