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MLA International Bibliography

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Shows how to search MLA International Bibliography (EBSCO version).

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MLA International Bibliography

  1. 1. Koichi Inoue Subject Librarian (English Literature, Film,Theatre and Media Studies) MLA International Bibliography
  2. 2. Access
  3. 3. Personal Sign In
  4. 4. With your personal account You can: Save and retrieve your search history Organize your research with folders Share your folders with others View others' folders Create email alerts and/or RSS feeds Save preferences Gain access to your saved research remotely
  5. 5. 3 minute challenge Create your personal account with EBSCOhost
  6. 6. Searching on a poem
  7. 7. Stop words When stop words are included in your search terms, search results are affected (too many or too few records). Stop words vary from database to database. Examples of stop words are: a, also, an, AND, are, as, at, be, because, been, but, by, for, from, has, have, however, if, in, is, NOT, of, on, OR, do, than, that, the, their, there, these, this, to, was, were, whatever, whether, which, with, would
  8. 8. Beating stop words Take out stop words from your search terms, or, Click subject links in a record you already found (recommended).
  9. 9. Click the title to view the full record
  10. 10. Start searching broadly
  11. 11. Too many results?
  12. 12. Refine your results
  13. 13. PDF Full Text icon
  14. 14. Add to folder
  15. 15. 5 minute challenge Search for journal articles on a poem of your choice. Limit your search to articles that are peer-reviewed and published in the last 20 years. Save one article with PDF full text to your folder.
  16. 16. Article Linker
  17. 17. Article Linker record (too many links?)
  18. 18. Unsuccessful article linking
  19. 19. Undo the limit
  20. 20. Limit by source types
  21. 21. Book chapters