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  1. 1. About
  2. 2. Veronica B Vallenes Veronica B Vallenes is an award winning Norwegian designer. Vallenes’ latest collections have garnered international recognition in magazines such as Vogue, Style.com, Dazed & Confused, Glamour, Collezione Donna and SMUG, as well as coverage in high-end scandinavian publications such as Cover, Costume, Elle, Eurowoman, Damernas Värld and Contributor Magazine. Veronica B. Vallenes has established a distinct signature expression, situated somewhere between classic Nordic simplicity and Parisian elegance. The meeting of finest silk and heavy alpaca wool creates an exciting mix of functional yet sensual characteristics of the contemporary Scandinavian wardrobe. Her effortlessly cool womenswear is fast gaining the eye of international costumers.
  3. 3. Awards and Scholarships 2014 Winner of DHL-Get Global, one of Scandinavians biggest design awards 2014 Winner of The Norwegian Design Award Nåløyet 2012 Recieved an artist grant from Nupen fondet. 2011 Winner of Danish Designtalent of the year at Dansk Fashion Award. 2011 Was selected by NAJL, Vogue Italy and Pitti to receive a free stand at Milano Fashion Week, Italy. 2010 Winner of Max Factor New Talent Award, Denmark 2010 Recieved a national scholarship from the department in Norway. 2010 Winner of This Years Marketer at Vest- Agder, Norway 2009 Received the Artstart Grant from Innovasjon Norge.
  4. 4. Veronica B Vallenes creates clothes for a modern women with a timeless approach. The styles make you feel effortlessly cool with laidback elegance. Focusing on every collection to enhance details with high precision, which naturally embrace the womens body and wellbeing. We have a high quality design and production cycle, and our mission is to be the best performing brand. Mission
  5. 5. Latest collections
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  10. 10. Quotes from press
  11. 11. – Take Veronica B. Vallenes, the Norwegian designer who, in just a few seasons, has established a signature look that’s both elegant and down-to-earth. For Fall ’13, Vallenes’ best offerings were sporty with a classic twist (think tapered pants, slouchy shorts, and cardigans). The black, neutral, green, and blue collection received an added dose of urban coolness courtesy of a jewelry collaboration with Norwegian designer Bjørg. style.com – Veronica B. Vallenes demostrates as much skill and innovation in their woman swear as more established brands so the stander is high. Vogue – Lord Mayor in Copenhagen had the honor of introducing the winner of Max Factor New Talent Award, designer Veronica B. Vallenes. Even though the norwegina born designer is the new kid on the block, she sure knows how to organize a simple, comfortable womans wear collection. Vogue – Once again the time arrived for the queen of minimalism, Veronica B. Vallenes, to present her collection. The second day ofCopenhagen Fashion Week brought us the pleasure of enjoying some simplistic beauty. This Norwegian designers stays true to her identity, bringing the beauty out of simplicity with a strong feminine edge. Nordic Style Magazine Quotes from press
  12. 12. – It didn’t take Veronica B. Vallenes more than a few seasons to earn her reputation as the ultra elegant and timeless choice for cool girls.Think silk trousers, boxy outerwear, ladylike skirts, barely-there details and a long, lean silhouette. Blame it on fashion – Luxe materials in classically feminine shapes defines Veronica B Vallenes’ Autumn Winter 2015 collection. The Norwegian designer crafted a set of streamlined silhouettes in neutral tones of black, tan, cream, and camel, with dark teal and burgundy. Vallenes demonstrated impressive wool draping with simple but classic statement pieces, featuring a leather pencil skirt and cream silk trench. Deux Hommes Magazine – A hot favourite at Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from prize-winning Norwegian designer Veronica B. Vallenes focused on feminine silhouettes that are soft, simple and wearable. Extremely modern. This luxurious collection showcased Veronica’s signature feminine yet edgy touch, the style that is gaining her recognition around the globe. Rebecca Towler - push it Magazine Quotes from press
  13. 13. – One of the remarkable qualities of Veronica B. Vallenes is her ability to combine qualities that will last long with timeless cuts – cuts that do not tighten the body or tries to shape the women in an unnatural way. The pieces simply fall effortlessly and loosely on the body, which make it accessible and attracting to women of all shapes. The brand of Veronica B. Vallenes is the essence of elegance and Parisian chic. I Love You Magazine – Veronica B Vallenes: Una collezione superchic. grazia.it Quotes from press
  14. 14. Details
  15. 15. You will get Scandinavian craftmansship of high quality. An international design profile with a genuine passion for what she does. Wearable honesty in every style, topped up with an edge. We aim to stay ahead focusing on the end consummer. In addition we take great pride in producing our garments in Portugal. Why buy? We operate in the mid to high end segment. Basic from 56 Euro and up. Main colletion from 150 Euro and up. Showpieces from 600 Euro and up. Price points
  16. 16. PRICE BRAND KNOWLEGDE Veronica B Vallenes Designers Remix Malene Birger Acne Celiné Stella McCartney Market position map
  17. 17. Veronica B. Vallenes offers two main collections per year. A/W sold in january/february, delivered in august S/S sold in august/september delivered in december/march. A main collection is about 60–80 styles. JANUARY FEBUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Delivery cycle
  18. 18. Managing Direktor: Stina Skeie +47 990 90 829 stina@veronicabvallenes.com Head Designer: Veronica B Vallenes +47 907 82 792 vbv@veronicabvallenes.com veronicabvallens.com Contact Sales: NORWAY Kaare Lund Agentur Brand manager Eliza Almazol +47 906 46 514 eliza@kaarelund.no DENMARK Who´s Copenhagen Agency Brand manager Patricia Thomassen +45 251 37 725 patricia@whos.dk SWEDEN Showroom 88 Brand manager Hanna Bergman +46 (0) 708925900 hanna@showroom88.com PR: Patricksson Communication Louise Kabbelgaard + 45 33 15 00 40 louise.kabbelgaard@patrikssonpr.com Kaare Lund Agentur Nina Felløy + 47 48 06 98 72 nina@kaarelund.no