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Metrics for oa monographs - introduction

Introduction by Verena Weigert, Jisc

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Metrics for oa monographs - introduction

  1. 1. Metrics for OA monographs experiment - introduction July 2019 Verena Weigert, Senior Co-Design Manager, Jisc
  2. 2. Jisc Open Metrics Lab - Background 2 Aim: to support the development of new forms of research indicators to enable universities, researchers and funders to use a wider range of data in a responsible way to inform research, evaluation and management. Discussed list of priorities with UUK FORUM for Responsible Research Metrics Includes the following pieces of work: •Use of technology to support the peer review process (U ofWolverhampton, F1000Research) •Data availability and feasibility of validation (U of Wolverhampton, U of Bristol/UK Reproducibility Network) •PhD into new metrics making use of full text of research articles (Open University) •Metrics for OA Monographs experiment (Birkbeck, University of London) See here for description of the projects: https://openmetrics.jiscinvolve.org/wp/
  3. 3. Metrics for OA Monographs - Experiment Background 3 •OA monographs and models that support them are growing – so increasing quantity of monographs now available •Which metrics can we develop making use of full text, that fit with this shift to OA and that will increase our understanding of reference practices in books? •Can we develop metrics that work for HSS disciplines and which help to demonstrate benefits of publishing books OA?
  4. 4. Metrics for OA Monographs Experiment Meeting 4 Discussion questions: (1) How can we achieve minimum viable technical standards from publishers? Do funders and others have a role in stimulating this discussion? (2)What might a metrics dashboard look like for the different stakeholder groups? (3) Do you have any other ideas for innovations around metrics for OA monographs especially to make them interesting for researchers? Meeting summary and report will be published on our blog: https://openmetrics.jiscinvolve.org/wp