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VegGoods pitch deck

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VegGoods is an online store that offers vegan products at wholesale prices. By cutting out middlemen, we help vegans in the US save up to 50% off retail prices.

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VegGoods pitch deck

  1. 1. © VegGoods Amazon meets Costco for Vegans veggoods.com
  2. 2. What is VegGoods? © VegGoods An online store that offers vegan products at wholesale prices. By cutting out middlemen, we help vegans in the US save up to 50% off retail prices.
  3. 3. The Problem Vegan products are NOT READILY ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE to VEGANS in the US which makes being vegan a challenge. Accessibility Problem Affordability Problem Limited availability of vegan products both offline and online. Vegan alternatives are so much more expensive. © VegGoods
  4. 4. Our Solution An online one-stop-shop for vegan products at wholesale prices. 'Amazon meets Costco for Vegans' Vegan certified products from top brands. Vegan products only (A major factor for vegans). Lowest prices for vegan products in the market. © VegGoods
  5. 5. Launched July 2019 Already partnered with distributors. Already secured warehousing partnership in 3 strategic locations across the US. 1400+ vegan products in our catalog. 40+ top brands in our catalog. 16% of our pre-launch campaign subscribers converted to members. Execution / Progress © VegGoods
  6. 6. Team Usman Abubakar Suleiman Abubakar CEO CMO & COO KEY ROLES: Product & brand development, managing partnerships & contracts. KEY ROLES: Marketing, sales and operations. © VegGoods
  7. 7. © VegGoods Mission / Vision To be the number one online store for vegans in the US. And as veganism continues to grow, be at the forefront of the revolution.
  8. 8. Business Model Currently: $39.95 per year membership fees. Future revenue potential: 1. We'll add private label products to our catalog from which we can earn more profits. 2. As membership grow, we'll negotiate deeper discounts with brands to earn more profits while still maintaining our wholesale prices. © VegGoods
  9. 9. Market Opportunity (US) Fast Growing and Barely Tapped. Growth rate 2014-2017 Vegans 20M Annual online shopping 600% $30B © VegGoods Data from: GlobalData, Nielsen, Statista & Market Research Future (MRF).
  10. 10. 6% Americans who consider themselves VEGAN. 7% Female Americans who consider themselves VEGAN. 25% American millennials who consider themselves VEGAN. 26% Americans who believe VEGAN diets are very healthy. 27% Importance of VEGAN food and beverages among American millennials. Customer Insight (US) Data from: Statista © VegGoods
  11. 11. Vegan Non-vegan Online store Marketplace Competitive Landscape © VegGoods
  12. 12. VS Why we are better: Lower prices (Major factor for vegans). Vegan Competitors © VegGoods
  13. 13. VS Why we're better: • Wider selection of vegan certified products. • Vegan only products (Major factor for vegans). • Lower prices. Non-vegan Competitors © VegGoods
  14. 14. Why Now? Timing is everything! According to Bill Gross, founder of Idealab. © VegGoods
  15. 15. 2019 is The Year of the Vegan According to The Economist and Forbes International food & restaurant consultant, Baum & Whiteman. Vegan is the new organic Demand for vegan products is at an all time high. Holy Johnson, Editor, Simply Vegan Magazine. Vegan substitutes are gaining momentum among customers due to growing awareness. Nagarajan S, Pricing and Trend Company, Beroe. The plant-based foods industry has gone from being a relatively niche market to fully mainstream. Michele Simon, Plant-based Foods Association. Veganism continues to climb among consumers who are early adopters and brand loyal. foodnavigator-usa.com 25% of Americans 25 to 34 yrs old NOW identify as vegan or vegetarian and where millennials lead, business and government will follow. The EconomistThe Economist U.S. sales of vegan foods rose 10 times faster than food sales as a whole. © VegGoods
  16. 16. Closing Remarks Rebecca Ellinor Tyler, Writing for Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS). Amazon CEO invested $30M in Notco aka Nestle of Millennials, and he is not alone. Investors rushing to bet their dollars on Plant-based future also include tech giants such as Bill Gates, Google Co-founder Sergey Brin, Twitter founders Biz Stone & Evan Williams, who have all invested in vegan startups, and seem to be convinced that veganism could be a rainbow that leads to a pot of gold. © VegGoods