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Google hangoutsvste

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Google hangoutsvste

  1. 1. Google Hangouts:Communication &CollaborationThe Next Level ofeMeetings By: Bluebarker Lowtide (a.k.a. Vasili Giannoutsos)
  2. 2. Overview• What is Google Hangouts?• The Big Picture• 3 Steps• Inside Hangouts Features• Tips and Tricks• Q&A
  3. 3. What is Google Hangouts?
  4. 4. Pros & Cons• Video chat with • Only 10 people at people (on a time cellphones, • Users with slow tablets or connections with computers) lag out frequently• Save and Archive • You must connect Sessions your Google+ and• Share screen, your Youtube documents and account while other files giving your simultaneously personal info
  5. 5. Bigger Picture
  6. 6. 3 Steps
  7. 7. Locating Google Hangouts • Go to Google Homepage • Go to your + (plus) page, top right hand side or type in Google Hangouts in the Search and it will take you. • To start a Google Hangout you must have a Google+ Account, when you send invites they do not have to be just gmail accounts
  8. 8. Starting Out• When you first do Google Hangouts on yours/new computer you will need to install a plug-in and restart the Hangout.• First time “On Air”, make sure the check box is clicked and make sure you connect to the right Youtube Account, have your address and a phone number handy.
  9. 9. Inside Hangouts Features
  10. 10. Tips and Tricks
  11. 11. Q&A