ggsipu bca-105 c programming bca ggsipu syallbus c programming class c programming function bca string.h in c stdlib.h in c conio.h in c stdio.h in c ctype.h in c process.h in c math.h in c header file in c header file in c unit-iv in c ggsipu bca syallbus string manipulation function structure variable in c declaration structure in c store structure in memory copy of structure elements in c array of structure in c nested structure in c union in c structure in c #ifndef in c #ifdef in c file inclusion in c #define with arguments conditional compilation in c #undef in c #if #else #endif in c #if in c #pragma in c use ## in c use # in c # in c #define in c preprocessor directive in c ggsipu bca 105 file handling fseek() in c fopen() in c fclose() in c fgetc and fputc in c fwrite() in c fscanf() in c fprintf() in c fread() in c file modes in c file handling in c enum in c command line arguments bca 105 c prorgamming bit field in c programming ggsipu bca command line arguments in c bit field in c array of pointers to functions array of pointers pointer to arrays pointer to functions pointer arithmetic in c ggsipu bca 105 dynamic memory allocation in c free() in c realloc() in c malloc() in c calloc() in c pointer in c types of array four dimensional array three dimensional array two dimensional array one dimensional array array in c ipu bca c programming register automatic extern static bca-105 storage class in c register storage class auto storage class external storage class static storage class call value and references in c language call by references call by value recursion in c ggsipu bca syallbus bca ipu c programming syallbus body of the function function called function calling function prototype function with no return and with parameters function with no return and no parameters function with return with parameters function with return no parameters user defined function predefined function formal arguments actual arguments function in c (bca ggsipu) for statement do….while statement while statement if…..else if….else statement if….else statement c constructs: if statement flow chart of for loop flow chart of switch statement flow chart of if else statement flow chart of if statement iteration in c switch statement ggsipu do while loop ggsipu while loop ggsipu for loop if else if statement if else statement continue statement break statement if statement ggsipu << operator bit operators. conditional operators assignment operators relational and logical operators unary operators arithmetic operators unary operator ternary operator ggsipu bca conditional operator ggsipu bca increment and decrement operator ggsipu bca relational operator ggsipu bca logical operator ggsipu bca bitwise operator ggsipu bca assinment operator ggsipu bca c operator ggsipu bca operators ggsipu bca variables in c bca ggsipu variables in c variables and arrays declaration symbolic constants keywords in c bca ggsipu identifiers and keywords identifier in c bca ggsipu datatypes in c data types in c bca ggsipu constants c character set c basics bca ggsipu c basics arrays in c bca ggsipu project report crieteria phases of sdlc software development skills software development sdlc e-commerce bba-106 ggsipu bba ggsipu e-commerce syallbus e-commerce bba ggsipu bba e-commerce syallbus ggsipu bba 106 e-commerce ethical consideration social consideration technological consideration in mobile commerce economic consideration in mobile commerce latest trends in mobile commerce mobile commerce services/area advantage of mobile commerce mobile commerce current emerging trends in e-commerce online wholesale online retail online purchasing online booking e-banking online marketing online auction e-commerce application multivalued dependency full dependency transitive rules data normalization explain with example armstrong inferences rules functional dependecies third normal form second normal form 3nf 2nf first normal form 2nf and 3nf. 1nf data normalization functional dependency bca web technology frame in html. bba e-commerce bba e-commerce frame in html html output tag bca web technology html form controls practical in html form controls file upload in html form drop down list bba ecommerce syallbus password week attributes in html forms time in html form date text checkbox radiobutton in html form bba e-commerce html bba ggsipu html form controls html form html form controls html form tag digital certificate spoofing backdoor digital signature decryption encryption threat security threat in e-commerce environment security threat in e-commerce security issues in e-commerce protection unwanted threat need and concept of e-commerce security electronic commerce security environment e-commerce basics of encryption and decryption strong entity set to relational mapping relational mapping mapping of weak entity set mapping multivalued attributes relationship mapping m:n relationship mapping 1:n relationship mapping 1:1 relationship mapping 1 to n relationship mapping 1 to 1 relationship er to relational mapping fcols in frame frows in frame frameset in html name attribute in frame corona virus corona virus live example use by frame frame in html entity relational model multivalue attributes composite attributes key domain attributes public relations entity er model right outer join left outer join outer join inner join theta join equi join relational algebra operation division join minus intersection union difference between ado vs database connectivity in connected mode .net client server architecture transport layer
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